1 db goddess side effects

1-db-goddess-side-effectsIt’s a no brainer, men and women are not created the same. Men seem to start an exercise and diet program and within days they lose weight. Women will start the same exercise and diet program and seem to struggle with losing the one pound. Women are designed to carry more fat and have more reserve fat them most men. Although it doesn’t seem quite fair, 1-DB Goddess is a diet pill with the woman in mind. If you are a woman looking for a fat burner, you may want a fat burner designed specifically for a woman, targeting those problem areas as well as giving you a confidence boost.

1-DB Goddess is a fat burner that is made specifically for a woman and claims to be the world’s greatest female specific fat burner on the market. 1-DB Goddess claims to restore youthful energy, balance hormone levels and eliminate cravings. 1-DB Goddess also claims that it attacks the issues that most women fight including those problem areas on your hips, thighs, butt and lower abs. It will help with water retention and bloating especially during that time of the month. It should improve your metabolism and focus giving you more energy throughout the day without jitters or side effects. 1-DB Goddess seems amazing!  Let’s take a closer look at it to make sure it’s worth our time and money.


1-DB Goddess contains many ingredients, some of the key weight loss ingredients include:

  • Synephrine- used as an alternative to ephendrine, may help burn fat, increase energy, increase metabolism and promote weight loss
  • Green Tea- suppresses appetite, provides energy, burns fat and provides antioxidant benefits as well. In order for Green Tea to be an effective weight loss ingredient, there has to be the scientific amount of Green Tea found in the fat burner to be effective.
  • Caffeine- may boost metabolism and provide energy, but once again you must have the clinically proven amount of this ingredient to be effective weight loss ingredient.

Other ingredients included in 1-DB Goddess include; niacin, vitamin B6, DMAE, choline, bacopa monniera, picamilon, evodiamine, 5 hydroxytryptophan, 1,3 dimethylamine, phenlethylamine HCL, green coffee bean extract, forslean, coca extract, diiodotyrosine, t.aphrodisiaca, ashwagandha, thiamine disulfide, naringin and cayenne pepper.

1-DB Goddess definitely has some ingredients that have proven to help with weight loss, but it’s unknown if 1-DB Goddess contains enough of these ingredients to make it an effective fat burner. 1-DB Goddess does not disclose the dosage of its ingredients, which often shows a lack of confidence in their product. It’s also important to note, that none of these ingredients are specifically formulated for women, and you will find all these ingredients in various fat burner for both men and women.

Side Effects

1-DB Goddess contains ingredients that may cause side effects which may include; headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety and elevated heartbeat. You may experience these side effects when you start taking 1-DB Goddess, but often they become less noticeable with time.

Does 1-DB Goddess Work Well Enough to Buy?

1-DB Goddess costs $73.99. That is a lot of money! The shipping is $10.00 which just seems ridiculous. I could not find any information on a money back guarantee.

I like the approach of 1-DB Goddess. I like that it is formulated for a woman and that it will target my problem areas. However, as I took a closer look at it, I realized that the ingredients in 1 –DB Goddess are found in various diet pills made for both men and women. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about 1-DB Goddess except the price tag (which is expensive). 1-DB Goddess does contain some proven weight loss ingredients, but it’s questionable if there are enough of these ingredients to make it truly an effective as a fat burner.