2 day diet pills

2-day-diet-pillsWarning!!! I repeat – WARNING! The FDA has recently issued a warning about the safety of this product.  First things first, it is important to avoid taking any unnecessary risks when dieting.  2 Day Diet Pills may contain ingredients other than those that are listed on the website, and may cause harmful side effects that lead to many health problems.

Having gotten the initial warning out of the way, it would be wise to understand why there have been warnings issued, and what the product contains so that you know what to look for, and what to be alarmed about in choosing a diet pill.

Here are the ingredients contained in 2 Day Diet Pills:  Lingzhi, Wheat Germ, Ebony, Foxnut, Tuckahoe, Seman Pruny, Dioscoreae, Nature Substance. An analysis of the ingredients in the product show that they are primarily used in Chinese herbal medicine.  The effectiveness of most of the ingredients is inconclusive, and should be taken with a grain of salt if other review sites say otherwise.  Products not produced in America or other countries with strict regulation (such as 2 Day Diet Pills) should be looked at carefully before purchasing.

2 Day Diet Pills Side Effects

I would like to reiterate the warning issued by the FDA at this point.  It is best not to risk permanent damage to your body and mind if you don’t have to when dieting.  That is why the FDA issues warnings such as this – to keep consumers happy, healthy, and on top of things.

Lingzhi seems to be the major ingredient that is cause for concern in this supplement.  It has mild to severe side effects ranging from dry throat and nosebleeds on the mild side, to heart attack and in some instances death from excessive bleeding on the severe side.  Pregnant and nursing women are encouraged to avoid Lingzhi at all costs.

Among the other ingredients in 2 Day Diet Pills, none seem to be as big of a concern as Lingzhi.  This doesn’t negate the overall warning about the supplement at all, however.  It is important to remember that the FDA only issues warnings after much research, and proven cases where problems have arisen.  This supplement has the potential to cause serious damage to one’s health, and should be avoided.

Do 2 Day Diet Pills Work Well Enough to Buy?

For me, this was an open and shut case at the FDA warning.  It isn’t worth the risk of death to lose a little weight in a couple of days.  Just err on the side of caution when it comes to dieting.  There are many products out there with a proven track record, happy clients, and success stories to abound.  Finding the right supplement can lead to permanent weight loss, and eternal satisfaction.