3x slimming power pills

3x-slimming-power-pillsDon’t be fooled by the attractive woman on the product box, this product has an FDA Warning about the contents of this supplement. The FDA recently issued a warning that this and other products by this creator of the supplement may be adding additional ingredients that aren’t listed on the label or the website.  These ingredients can be harmful to one’s health, and due to the unknown nature of the products, partaking of this supplement is highly discouraged.

The exact location of the company is unclear as well.  It claims that the products are shipped from China, and judging by the website’s poor grammar, it appears that the company may be located over there as well.  This means that the probability of the company actually delivering on its promises is less than say a company here in the United States.  The website claims that they will refund your money if you order the product and it doesn’t arrive within 45 days.  It says nothing about a satisfaction guarantee.  I personally look for products with a money-back guarantee, and a satisfaction guarantee.

3x Slimming Pills contains: Ganoderma, ginseng, ebony, bunge cherry seed, yam, Cassia Seed, malt and nature substance.  None of the ingredients within the product have overwhelming scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of the products.  Also, how many of you actually know what nature substance is?  I sure don’t know what it is, and apparently only this company knows what it is.

3x Slimming Power Pills Side Effects

Before reading what I am about to write about the side effects of 3x Slimming Power Pills, you must be reminded about the FDA warning!  It isn’t worth the risk!

Ganoderma displayed some moderate health benefits, but the studies appear inconclusive.  There are also some negative, albeit temporary side effects related to Ganoderma consumption including – diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, and hypertension.

Ginseng also has inconclusive evidence about the product’s effectiveness.  Many of the same side effects listed above are those for Ginseng as well.  Be sure to consult a physician if you have any questions about the ingredients mentioned in this article.

Pregnant and nursing women, those with heart and kidney disease, and hypertension should not take this supplement.

Do 3x Slimming Power Pills work well enough to buy?

No, they really don’t at all. Though this review may sound harsh, I am only harsh because of the FDA warning against the product and the producer.  There is no way to tell what is in this product.  Other products offer a safer, and better alternative if you are looking to lose weight.