acai cenalex

acai-cenalexAcai Cenalex claims to be the greatest acai diet pill on the market since it has been “specially formulated to give you maximum results.”  In truth, Acai Cenalex can do more than most of the other acai supplements in part because it doesn’t rely entirely on the acai berry to produce results.  Acai berry is full of antioxidants and it can help you to see an improvement in your colon and digestive health.  But it doesn’t have much to do with weight loss.

That’s why Acai Cenalex has included additional ingredients.  You can see greater weight loss results with this product than others and it can also help you to see a natural increase in energy as well as a permanent reduction in weight.

Some diet pills claim that you can see optimal results with no effort on your part.  Instead, you usually don’t end up losing weight permanently because you haven’t done anything to change your lifestyle so you don’t know how to maintain your weight loss.  One of the benefits to using Acai Cenalex is that they strongly encourage a diet and exercise program.  They even have information on what you need to do to follow that healthy diet and tips for including exercise in your day.  And there is a list of tasty treats that you can indulge in every once in awhile and still lose weight.

Acai Cenalex has several ingredients besides acai.  Green tea has been included because it can help to lower your cholesterol.  But the greatest benefit you will receive from using green tea is probably that it can increase your metabolism and assist in thermogenesis.  That helps you to burn more calories in less time and it also gives you an energy boost.

Ginseng is also included because it has been thought to have an effect on fat burning.  But this, and other ingredients in this formula, have not been included in the proven amounts to give you the greatest results which means that it’s unlikely your results will be significant.  However, since Acai Cenalex helps you to follow a diet and exercise program, you will probably still see many of the benefits that you were hoping for.

Acai Cenalex Side Effects

Acai Cenalex has been reported to cause side effects such as irritability, nervousness, jitteriness, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and insomnia.  Also, if you take it early in the day, many consumers have noticed an energy crash later in the day that makes it difficult to workout in the evening or get much done after two since you feel so tired.

Does Acai Cenalex Work Well Enough to Buy?

There are definitely benefits to using Acai Cenalex.  But the greatest benefit seems to be the assistance with your diet and exercise program that can make it easier for you to lose weight and to keep that weight off in the long term.  It could give you an extra boost by cleansing your digestive system and increasing your metabolism but the greatest results will come from the diet and exercise program you choose to follow.