acai fat burn 3 side effects

acai-fat-burn-3-side-effectsAcai Fat Burn #3 promises that it will help to increase your energy, promote weight loss, boost your metabolism, and burn fat. Does it deliver? That’s really hard to say. Consumer reviews cover both ends of the totem pole. Ranging from “this is the best diet pill ever” to “a total waste of time and money. Literally made me sick.” Consumers who did report positive results stated that they had to take Acai Fat Burn #3 every day for weeks before they saw results. And out of those who liked Acai Fat Burn #3 there were no reports of weight loss greater than 15 pounds. If you’re looking for faster, or more significant results, Acai Fat Burn #3 may not be the diet pill for you.

Acai Fat Burn #3 Ingredients

The frustrating thing about buying Acai Fat Burn #3 is that there is nowhere you can go to find an exact list of ingredients online because there is no official website for this diet pill. All you will find is that Acai Fat Burn #3 includes Green Tea, grapefruit, Acai Berry, garcinia cambogia, caffeine [1 1/4 cups of coffee worth per dosage], apple cider vinegar, and kelp. There is no list of exact dosages, or if these ingredients are the real thing or merely extracts. Frankly, when buying an Acai product, don’t you want to know how much Acai, and what part of the Acai Berry, and if it really is Acai or an extract before buying?

Side Effects of Acai Fat Burn #3

People who have tried Acai Fat Burn #3 have reported side effects of nausea, drowsiness, headaches, and the jitters. In addition, caffeine makes up a large part of this diet pill, and has been known to cause side effects of anxiety, headaches, energy crashes, dependency or addiction, and jitters. Green tea is another large component of this diet pill, and green tea is often accompanied by rapid heart rate, arrhythmia, tremors, and heart palpitations. Side effects of green tea also include irritability, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, frequent urination, and skin rash. As both caffeine and green tea are main ingredients of Acai Fat Burn #3, it seems relevant and important to mention side effects of these ingredients, in addition to the overall side effects of Acai Fat Burn #3.

Is Acai Fat Burn #3 Worth Trying?

There is no clinical evidence that supports the acai berry as a weight loss inducer. It has been shown to fight toxins, but is not a proven fat burner. Consumers have very mixed reviews, and there have been no reported instances of extreme weight loss. While there is no official Acai Fat Burn #3 website, most vendors sell Acai Fat Burn #3 for between $29 to $35. This price typically includes three bottles of diet pills, which makes for about a three month supply. While this is quite a few pills for a low price, it does not inevitably follow that it’s worth your money. Not all vendors have a money-back guarantee, and the ones that do typically only offer a 30 day window to get your money back. Since even the pleased consumers usually said that it took a few weeks to start seeing results, this really isn’t enough time to see if Acai Fat Burn #3 will work for you. So essentially, if you’re willing to potentially waste $30, you can go ahead and give Acai Fat Burn #3 a try. If you’d rather take that $30 and put it towards a more proven diet pill, with better return policies and more significant results, try one of these top rated products.