accel gel side effects

accel-gel-side-effectsAccel Gel is an energy gel that is consumed from the packet, and does not need to be combined with any type of liquid. Accel is a product designed and geared towards improving cardio workouts by delivering fast energy to working muscles, preventing muscle damage, and speeding muscle recovery. Accel Gel may increase your energy level up to 13%, and is most effective for cardio activities such as running or bicycling. Accel Gel is not a diet pill. It is an energy enhancer. Customers who have tried Accel Gel have reported modest increases in energy. However, based on customer reviews and research, I don’t believe Accel Gel makes any significant impact on energy levels, work-out stamina or length, or weight loss.

Accel Gel Ingredients

Accel Gel comes in six different flavors: Chocolate w/caffeine, Citrus Orange, Key Lime, Raspberry Cream w/caffeine, Strawberry Kiwi, and Vanilla. While each flavor has slightly varying ingredients from the next, the consistent ingredients of Accel Gel are:

– Water
– maltodextrin
– high fructose corn syrup
– whey protein concentrate
– trehalose (Ascendä)
– sodium chloride
– monopotassium phosphate
– citric acid
– malic acid
– artificial flavor
– ascorbic acid
– vitamin E acetate
– potassium sorbate
– sodium benzoate
– polysorbate 80
– FD&C red 40

Side Effects of Accel Gel

There are really only minimal, if any, side effects that come from using Accel Gel. The Whey Protein Concentrate contains some lactose, which may cause negative reactions in people who are lactose intolerant. If you use an Accel Gel flavor that contains caffeine, there are risks of jitters, headaches, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, rapid heart rate, tremors, depression, energy crashes, and excessive urination.

In terms of side effects, Accel Gel is really a safe product. Especially if you use only the flavors that are caffeine free, and are not lactose intolerant, there is very little chance of you suffering from any side effects at all. This is reassuring when trying any new product.

Does Accel Gel Work Well Enough to Buy?

While Accel Gel is a low-risk product in terms of side effects, it still doesn’t seem to be worth your money. Accel Gel contains 100 calories per serving, which, when you consider that there is only a chance of a slight energy increase, does not make taking Accel Gel worth it. The extra energy you may experience is pretty much negated by the 100 calories you have to consume to experience any stamina increase. If you are looking for real weight loss results, Accel Gel is not worth it. If you are merely looking for an energy increase, Accel Gel is low risk, and probably won’t hurt you. Prices for Accel Gel are either $10.50 for a six pack of assorted flavors, or $42 for 24 packets of any single flavor. However, there is no money back guarantee, so if you are considering trying Accel Gel, I would spend less and get the 6 pack to try it out before committing to any larger purchases. Really, when trying any diet pill or diet supplement, you want to find something that has a solid, lengthy money back guarantee that allows you enough time to truly test the product and see if you get results, or suffer from any side effects. For a more reliable product, consider something like Decaslim.