adaptodrol side effects

adaptodrol-side-effectsAdaptodrol is a fairly new product (Jan. 2011) produced by Betancourt and designed to increase testosterone levels to produce a stronger, leaner you. Their main claim is that they use clinically proven products that will produce testosterone boosting, physique enhancing, and nutrient potentiating results, while their competition just makes the claims without the science to back it up.

Adaptodrol Ingredients

The testosterone boosting, nutrient potentiating, and physique enhancing claims by Adaptodrol are based on three or four main ingredients. The first of which is Testosterone Advantage, or calcium fructate.

Testosterone Advantage is a product designed to increase testosterone levels in the body. One study showed that it had the ability to increase testosterone levels in as little as 3 hours. Adaptodrol holds fast to this claim, even though the study has yet to be published.

The second main ingredient is what they call “T-Shot,” which is really 3 grams of d-aspartic acid. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that has been proved to increase testosterone levels in 12 days when taken in 3 gram doses. The study cited by Betancourt here actually has been published, and they even use the study’s recommended dosage. One thing that should be noted is that it takes 12 days to start seeing results, and a bottle of Adaptodrol will last you 21 days.

The third and fourth main ingredients make up what they call “nutrient potentiators.” (at first I thought potentiate was a made up word, but I looked it up and it means (to make more effective and more active, in case you were wondering). Adaptodrol uses banaba extract and protease as their nutrient potentiators. Basically these two ingredients improve the metabolism of proteins and glucose. Therefore protein and glucose are utilized more effectively throughout the body.

Adaptodrol Side Effects

Since this is a testosterone booster, you are obviously going to see the typical side effects of increasing testosterone. These include increased anger, hair growth, sweat production, sex drive, and appearance of pimples. One customer also reported getting bloody stool while taking Adaptodrol.

Another important thing to consider is your age. In your teens you have plenty of testosterone (unless you have a low-testosterone medical condition), and by boosting your testosterone you could really screw up your hormone levels and cause some damage. If you’re a teenager, do not even consider taking Adaptodrol unless it is recommended to you by a trusted physician.

One other thing that should be mentioned is that a serving size is 7 pills! That is a lot of pills to be popping in one day for one product.

Does Adaptodrol work well enough to buy?

The truth is that you will most likely see the results you are looking for over time while taking Adaptodrol. However, it is also the truth that you could see those same results sooner and for less money using a different product. To see results with Adaptodrol, they recommend you use 2-3 bottles at $60 per bottle, and that doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. That’s a lot of dough without a guarantee.If you are looking for a testosterone booster, one of our top rated products is Testoripped, which will give you similar results in less time and with a money back guarantee.