androtest extreme side effects

androtest-extreme-side-effectsThe first thing you should know about Androtest Extreme is that is is produced and advertised by ProSource. If you’ve never dealt with ProSource before, then you should know that their products are never half as good as they advertise. Now this doesn’t mean that they always make bad products, it’s just that their explanations are so full of the works “breakthrough,” “revolutionary,” and “groundbreaking” that it makes you feel like you’re going to create world peace while on their product.

Let’s cut out all the hyperbole’s and review Androtest Extreme for what it really is: a testosterone boosting pill meant to increase muscle building workouts and sex drive.

Androtest Extreme Ingredients

The two main blends of ingredients in Androtest Extreme are Androtest Ultra Complete Spectrum Active Extracts and Testofen Fenugreek Extracts.

The first ingredient, which we’ll just refer to as Androtest Extracts, is made of a variety of saponins and other ingredients all combined to increase testosterone levels in the body

The second ingredient is the one Androtest Extreme swears by, the Testofen Fenugreek Extracts. Apparently there was a clinical study performed that proved Testofen increased testosterone levels by almost 99% after 8 weeks. Not only that, but it decreased skin fold thickness while at the same time increased muscle mass to result in no overall weight loss. So pretty much, Androtest replaces fat with muscle and increases testosterone, making you the most stunning man on the planet (I apologize, I had to add my own hyperbole).

Really? Are we supposed to believe that this diet pill has been clinically proven to produce that dramatic of results. I hope none of you do. This “clinical study” was never referenced by ProSource, has obviously never been peer reviewed and published in a legitimate journal, and the numbers were probably conveniently rounded up in every case.

Androtest Extreme Side Effects

Well, obviously this miracle drug was “clinically proven” to have no side effects.

But seriously, with all testosterone boosters you’ll experience increased sweat production, pimples, hair growth, appetite, and aggression (anger). You’ll also have an increased sex drive, but that’s considered a result, not a side effect.

Does Androtest Extreme work well enough to buy?

Absolutely not. Most customer reviews reported no increase in strength or libido. Yes, some people reported an increase in their testosterone levels (not a 99% increase), and with that you will have more energy to get an intense workout. You’ll improve your strength as a result of those intense workouts, but there are so many diet pills out there that will give you consistently better results minus the superheroic promises.

Also, Androtest Extreme costs $90 for a bottle of 120 pills. At 6 pills a day, you are spending $90 for a bottle of pills that will last 20 days! What? Then if you consider that their “clinically proven” study reported results after 8 weeks, then you are going to spend $270 before you see their results! My goodness that is ridiculous. Please do not buy Androtest Extreme. Check out our top-rated products and you’ll get real promises and real results.