belly mud

belly-mudBelly Mud claims to provide amazing results to lose belly fat, loose stomach skin, help detox belly fat to lose weight fast, burn calories and improve metabolism.  You apply this mud onto your mid-section, wrap it with wrapping clothes and in thirty minutes you should see fantastic results!

Does it only take a cream to give you the flat- toned stomach you have always dreamed of?


Belly Mud is a blend of all-natural ingredients that claim to be the safe way to lose inches and weight. These ingredients are prepared from the extracts of plants and include:

  • Dead Sea Mud- found in the Dead Sea, this mud is said to have many positive effects for body and skin. Although many people claim this mud is beneficial it has never been proven to detoxify or do anything more than what regular mud would do.
  • Lipo Care- this ingredient is a combination of the three types of extracts that specifically target the layer of fat right below the skin. Lipocare seems to really not exist beyond Belly Muds product and the scientific community does not recognize it.
  • Matrixyl Peptide- massive collagen and elastin producer that studies have shown to firm up skin and reduce the signs of aging. It has never shown weight loss or fat burning results.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- this is a type of moisturizer that can help keep skin young and supple. Once again it has never been proven to help with weight loss or fat burning.
  • Omega Blend- another type of moisturizer. Will help to keep the skin looking young, but has not proved to help with weight loss or fat burning.

Side Effects

Although Belly Mud claims there are no side effects, like any topical solution you apply to your skin you could experience side effects. Some of these side effects you could experience include: a mild and temporary stinging sensation, severe allergic reaction, rash, hives, itching, tightness in chest, difficulty breathing, irritation, redness, mild peeling of the skin and swelling of the mouth.

Is Belly Mud Worth Buying?

Belly Mud is mud and seems to be nothing more than that.  It does have a few other ingredients that could help with skins overall appearance including looking younger and feeling softer, but Belly Mud does not have ingredients that will burn fat and make you lose inches. You can buy Belly Mud on their website for $36.95 plus shipping. They do not offer auto ship, so your credit card will only be charged once and they do offer a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.  Belly Mud makes some bold claims, but does not seem to live up to those expectations.