bethel s30

bethel-s30I was utterly amazed at what I found with this product. You may think that is a good thing to be utterly amazed, but in all reality, this product doesn’t do as much as it claims.  I was utterly amazed that so much has been put into this product in terms of advertising and website quality, but apparently they didn’t get the memo to have good products as well.  I don’t mean to sound harsh, but doing a little research on the company and the credentials of the creator will open your eyes a little.

Bethel Nutritional Consulting is a company based out of New York.  The President of the company is from the Dominican Republic, and got a degree in medicine from a university down there.  From there he went to the United States, and gained further credentials in herbal medicine techniques.  Now, I like you am always looking for the best techniques and would prefer herbal to potentially harmful chemicals.

My main point of skepticism lies in the fact that Dr. Ramirez (the president of the company) seems to diagnose medical symptoms with the use of Iridology.  Those unfamiliar with this concept would be interested to find out that it is the concept that looking into the iris of one’s eye will show the diseases that may be prevalent in the body.  So in theory a “doctor” will look into your eye and be able to determine potential problems.  According to all major medical information sources, Iridology has no basis in actual science, and even went so far to call it a pseudoscience and a farce.

As for this particular product, here are the ingredients: Flos Citri Aurantil, Cassia Seed Extract, Jobstear Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Spirulina, and Medical Amylum. As can be expected this supplement is in the form of a proprietary blend.  Because of this it is impossible to determine the amount of each ingredient in the product, and therefore very difficult to determine true effectiveness.

This product is supposed to restrain your appetite, clear liver and eyesight, detoxify, and help with heart issues.   Seems pretty amazing eh?  Well, with no clear return policy and an incredibly high price of $60 dollars it is definitely something that you should think about and consult a professional.

Bethel S30 Side Effects

It is unclear from the product website just what some of the side effects will be.  The website warns women that are pregnant, nursing, and patients of cordis-vasal disease, and apoplexy from taking this supplement.

I personally found a few more potential side effects from a few sources.  One person on posted on WebMD some potentially scary side effects.

Cassia Seed Extract may cause a few minor side effects like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, OBESITY, and psoriasis.  Any diet pill that has obesity as a side effect is one that I would tend to avoid.

Aside from the complaint on the board of WebMD, I can’t seem to find any other potentially damaging side effects.  That review alone made me seriously look at Bethel S30 and wonder what the damage potential of the product is.

Does Bethel S30 work well enough to buy?

I really don’t find any scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of the product.  This product is also overpriced, and could be potentially dangerous.  I would highly suggest you look into other products other than this one.  There are many cheaper and much more effective and proven products on the market.  With no explicitly stated return policy, prepare to get the run around with this company.

Bethel S30, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating