capsiplexCapsiplex has created quite a buzz in the weight loss world recently.  Though there are mixed opinions as to whether Capsiplex is actually effective or not, the general consensus seems to point that there is quite a bit of potential for Capsiplex.  There are some very beneficial aspects that go along with Capsiplex including the fact that Capsiplex will help you burn 278 more calories when you exercise, increase metabolism as you exercise, and suppress appetite.  Capsiplex is supposed to help you lose weight by converting calories into heat.  There are many people who have tried Capsiplex and agreed with these claims, but Capsiplex is fairly new to the scene.  Capsiplex contains red hot capsicum extracts which are from peppers.  Red peppers have been thought to have beneficial components inside them and Capsiplex has taken advantage of these ingredients.  Capsiplex contains:

• Capsicum Fruit Extract
• Black Pepper Extract (Piperine)
• Niacin (Vitamin B)
• Caffeine Anhydrous

Capsiplex Side Effects

Each ingredient that Capsiplex contains is natural which means that Capsiplex looks fairly safe.  There have not really been many people to report side effects associated with Capsiplex for this very reason.  One negative thing about Capsiplex is the fact that if your body were to reject Capsiplex for some reason, the company that sells Capsiplex does not offer a money back guarantee to go along with any purchase.

Does Capsiplex Work Well Enough To Buy?

Although many people have testified that Capsiplex is both effective and has no negative side effects, there has not been a ton of clinical research done in regards to Capsiplex.  It would be great if the company that sells Capsiplex would offer a money back guarantee, but it does not look like they do at this point, so it you are feeling brave then go for it!  Otherwise, stick to other clinically proven products.