celebrity fiber side effects

celebrity-fiber-side-effectsWouldn’t eating healthy be so much easier if  you didn’t have to fight the constant cravings for that extra piece of pizza or that candy bar at the gas station? Celebrity Fiber is a diet pill that promises to help fight hunger pangs. It claims to help dieters “feel full, eat less, and lose weight.” Sounds pretty good…but every other diet pill on the market claims the same thing.

Does Celebrity Fiber really work? How does Celebrity Fiber compare to other diet pills? In this review, we’ll take you behind our research and analysis of Celebrity Fiber.

Celebrity Fiber Ingredients

Ingredients in Celebrity Fiber include:

  • Glucomannon (Konjac Root)-a great appetite suppressant
  • Cha de Bugre-an average weight loss ingredient
  • Caralluma-a solid appetite suppressant
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend-may help with digestion. Won’t help much with weight loss.

Celebrity Fiber’s ingredient profile reminds us of  that new Indian Restaurant that just opened up in your town. You don’t know what to expect. It has a few quality ingredients that have some scientific backing  to suppress the appetite. Glucomannan and Caralluma are both above average appetite suppressants WHEN dosed correctly. The big question with Celebrity Fiber is whether it contains a high enough dosage of its key ingredients to make a difference. If it does contain a high dosages, it will help with weight loss. If not dosed correctly ,the only thing you will lose with Celebrity Fiber will be your hard earned cash.

For a diet pill to work it must combine effective ingredients at proper dosages. If either part of that equation is missing, say goodbye to your weight loss dreams. Celebrity Fiber fails to disclose the dosages of its ingredients. So even though it contains some ingredients that have been proven to help with weight loss…don’t get your hopes up to high. Whenever diet pill companies fail to disclose pertinent information about their products, it is never a good sign because if Celebrity Fiber was dosed correctly, wouldn’t they want to let you, the consumer know that?

Celebrity Fiber Side Effects

Celebrity Fiber is not associated with any serious side effects.  It is comprised of all natural ingredients and does not contain any stimulants. Be sure to drink plenty of water in conjunction with Celebrity Fiber.

Does Celebrity Fiber work well enough to buy?

Celebrity Fiber has some potential, but its effectiveness is too much of question mark for us to recommend it. The main reason we are wary of Celebrity Fiber boils down to the fact that the manufacturers fail to disclose the dosages of its ingredients. Glucomannan and caralluma are great ingredients but need to be dosed correctly to deliver results. There are much better diet pills out there  at similar prices whose effectiveness is not such a big question mark.

A month’s supply of Celebrity Fiber will set you back $40 including shipping and handling. Celebrity Fiber comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have tried Celebrity Fiber in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section