cell trim pm side effects

cell-trim-pm-side-effectsWhen dieting leaves you so hungry that it is difficult to fall asleep you probably start searching for another solution.  Stimulants that are commonly used in diet pills can make it even more difficult to sleep.

According to advertisements, Cell Trim PM has the answer.  They claim it is more than your average diet pill because of the natural sleep aids that ensure you fall asleep quickly and stay that way throughout the night.

While Cell Trim PM helps you to sleep better it is also advertised to burn greater amounts of fat and metabolize carbohydrates.  Without using stimulants Cell Trim PM makes the additional claim that it can boost energy levels.

Cell Trim PM Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin, Benfotiamine, White Kidney Bean Extract, Lipoic Acid, Quercetin, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Resveratrol, Melatonin, 5-HTP

On the days that you have not had as much sleep you probably feel more tired throughout the day.  To compensate for that you likely turn to food for energy making weight loss all but impossible.  Cell Trim PM says that by using this diet pill you sleep better thus reducing hunger throughout the day.

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body.  It helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle.  When it gets dark out your body produces more melatonin helping you to fall asleep. The melatonin in Cell Trim PM is designed to do the same thing.

There are not a lot of weight loss ingredients in Cell Trim PM.  And if you are taking it at night it’s questionable how effective it will be.

White kidney bean extract is known to block the absorption of carbohydrates. But it works best if it is taken a little before your meals instead of taken at night in preparation for the next day.

In addition, Cell Trim PM uses a proprietary blend making it impossible to tell if you are getting enough of the key ingredients to make a different in weight loss.

Cell Trim PM Side Effects

Cell Trim PM side effects mainly consist of you feeling sleepy.  Other than that you should be able to use it without experiencing discomfort.

Does Cell Trim PM Work Well Enough To Buy?

One month supply of Cell Trim PM is $39.99.  They include free shipping, a free pedometer, and a free booklet with your purchase.  When you buy Cell Trim PM you get a 30 day money back guarantee which is not much.  You barely get time to try it out before you learn whether or not it works.

Cell Trim PM is really nothing more than a sleeping pill.  There is really only one ingredient that is connected with weight loss and it’s questionable if you are even getting enough to make a difference.

While getting enough sleep is certainly important, you may want to look for a diet pill that uses clinically proven ingredients in the clinically proven amounts. Cell Trim PM is not much more than a sleeping pill that could possibly prevent against the negative effects of midnight snacking.