diab x side effects

diab-x-side-effectsDiab X looks awesome on paper. It has a couple of ingredients backed by clinical trials, it is safe, and even comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. BUT, Diab X has one major problem. It never discloses the dosages of  any of its ingredients. For a diet pill to work, it must combine effective ingredients at the proper dosages. If either part of that equation is missing, say sayonora to your weight loss goals.

In this review, we’ll take you behind our research and analysis of Diab X.

Diab X Ingredients

  • garcinia cambogia fruit extract-as mentioned on the Diab X website, garcinia camboiga is an effective appetite suppressant backed by several clinical studies. Garcinia cambogia won’t produce miracles, but when dosed correctly can provide steady weight loss
  • chromium polynicotinate- chromium is another solid appetite suppressant backed by many clinical studies. If you are looking for the best results with chromium, we recommend the patented high quality version, chromax. Best yet, chromium is not associated with any side effects.
  • ginger root-ginger purportedly may help boost the metabolism but there is little in the way of science backing this. Don’t expect much weight loss help.
  • calcium-builds strongs bones but won’t help with weight loss.
  • potassium-will not provide any weight loss help
  • tumeric-will not provide any weight loss help
  • piper longrum fruit-will not provide any weight loss help
  • piper nigrum fruit-will not provide any weight loss help
  • As we mentioned earlier the big problem with Diab X does not lie with its ingredients, it is due to the manufacturers failing to disclose the dosages of their ingredients. If dosed correctly, Diab X should help provide weight loss, but that is a big if. If Diab X were dosed correctly, wouldn’t it be in the manufacturer’s best interest to let consumers know about it.

    Diab X Side Effects

    Diab X is not associated with any serious side effects unless you are allergic to an ingredient. Diab X is stimulant free and contains all natural ingredients. Do not take more than the recommended dosage and be sure to drink plenty of water.

    Does Diab X work well enough to buy?

    Does Diab X work? That is a great question. Because the manufacturers fail to disclose the dosages of the different ingredients, there is no way of knowing. Diab X has the potential to either be an effective diet pill or a complete waste of $60. The ultimate decision of whether or not to purchase Diab X is yours to make, but it seems kind of like an unneccessary gamble to us. There are effective diet pills out there that contain high dosages of  clinically proven ingredients. 

    A bottle of Diab X can be purchased directly from the Diab X website for $60 plus shipping and handling. There are bulk discount purchase options. 3 bottles for $120. 6 bottles for $180. $60 is a high price tag for a diet pill that does not disclose the dosages of its ingredients.

    If you have tried Diab X in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.