b full slimming pill

B-Full Slimming Pill is formulated in the UK, and is designed for sale in the UK.  I know it is bad to judge a pill or website by its cover, but the website doesn’t appear very professional, and seems to cut corners in order to achieve results.  There isn’t a lot of information on the landing page, and because of that, I am usually pretty suspicious.  There are also a lack of an ingredients list, as well as testimonials and further information of the ingredients in the product.  There are a lot of far out claims, without much proof for backup.  There is a claim of a free trial, but there is no information as to the details of the free trial.  Also, don’t be confused by the price, The English Pound is worth a lot more than the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, NZ dollar, or Australian Dollar.  At 26 pounds, it would put the cost currently at around 43 dollars.


Banital claims to assist in carb metabolism, fat metabolism, appetite suppression, and boost one’s amount of energy throughout the day.  These are pretty bold claims, and many have seen these claims on TV as well.  Banital also is a bit pricier than much of the competition, and contains these ingredients, which are common in many weight loss supplements:

barrys bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is supposed to be the “Workout secret of the celebrities”.  There are quite a few celebrities that are currently sponsored by the workout, and claim to be using it.  This isn’t a diet supplement at all, but rather emphasizes a good workout plan in order to lose weight.  

beast 2 shredded side effects

Beast 2 Shredded is the latest diet pill to hit the market. It promises to “fuel the body to get lean and stay lean.”  Although this claim sounds great, we have heard similar claims from hundreds of mediocre diet pills.

bee slim quick

Bee Slim Quick is developed from traditional Chinese medicine to help you change your body, your life and your health.

belly mud

Belly Mud claims to provide amazing results to lose belly fat, loose stomach skin, help detox belly fat to lose weight fast, burn calories and improve metabolism.  You apply this mud onto your mid-section, wrap it with wrapping clothes and in thirty minutes you should see fantastic results!

bethel s30

I was utterly amazed at what I found with this product. You may think that is a good thing to be utterly amazed, but in all reality, this product doesn’t do as much as it claims.  I was utterly amazed that so much has been put into this product in terms of advertising and website quality, but apparently they didn’t get the memo to have good products as well.  I don’t mean to sound harsh, but doing a little research on the company and the credentials of the creator will open your eyes a little.

bill phillips transformation side effects

Take a minute to imagine this situation.  You are anxious to lose weight.  So one day you go into your local bookstore and grab the first weight loss book you can find off the shelf.  It has a hot pink or bright blue cover and you think, surely this will be it.

biochem lean results

It is frustrating sometimes, when trying to lose weight, to also lose that the muscle you have worked so hard to build.  Biochem Lean Results promises to not only help you burn fat but also maintain and build lean muscle mass.  It also promises to catalyze your natural metabolic processes without having to use harsh stimulants such as ephedra and high concentrations of caffeine.

biochem ultimate fat metabolizer side effects

The skinny on Biochem Fat Metabolizer is very skinny indeed.  Their official website only says that the supplement will support liver function and fat metabolism.  It gives absolutely no other details on how or why this supplement will work.  After thoroughly studying the formula of the Fat Metabolizer it may have some digestion and some minor weight-loss benefits but it seems like many of the effective ingredients are a bit diluted.