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Are you looking for the most extreme way to burn fat and shed excess pounds?  There are tons of diet pills available but the side effects of diet pills with caffeine can be too much to handle for some people.  There are now diet pills that get rid of the stimulating ingredients so that you can experience the positive results you want without feeling jittery and anxious.

certified acai

The Acai berry comes from a palm tree that is indigenous to many parts of South America, and demand for the Acai berry has increased dramatically over the past few years.  Of course, this supplement doesn’t just contain 100% Acai, but does contain many of the superfoods that are becoming increasingly popular.  The ingredients contained in Certified Acai are:

champion nutrition thermo gold side effects

According to the makers, Thermo Gold was “specifically formulated to deliver energy and increased alertness to help you obtain the additional push you need to maximize you daily activity and burn fat”. Does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

chaotic labz malice side effects

Oooh MALICE™!!!  Say it with a shiver.  This is a product with ATTITUDE.  MALICE™ is backed with a lot of heavy claims and a creepy, skull and graffiti-filled website.  It seems to be marketed towards bad a** weight lifters of the male persuasion; but I know some women who might be swayed by Chaotic Labz marketing too–women I wouldn’t want to arm-wrestle with!

choco energy side effects

Choco Energy is supposed to increase your energy and focus.  Choco Energy is a liquid that comes in a tube. You are recommended to consume one tube daily, and you do so by shaking the tube, snapping off the top, and squeezing the contents into your mouth. There are very few consumer reviews about Choco Energy, which raises a big red flag, as the most productive weight loss solutions will always have a surplus of testimonials and reviews. And I know we all love the idea of a diet product that is reminiscent of chocolate, but just because the idea is good doesn’t mean the product is.  As an energy inducer, I would say that it is minimum to moderately effective. It does contain energy inducing ingredients like chocolate, caffeine, and chromium, but frankly, the composition and amount of the ingredients of Choco Energy make it unproductive for extreme energy increase, or for significant weight loss.

citrexa body system side effects

To be skinny all you have to do is think yourself skinny.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if this were actually the case?  So many diet pills would have you believe that just by willing yourself to be thin it could happen.


As its name indicates, Clinislim is dedicated to helping one lose weight.  The official website indicates that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days.  The company also claims that the supplement contains 3 scientifically proven compounds that assist in losing weight.  They then proceed to share the actual results of the experiments, which is refreshing.  When compared with the placebo group in each of the experiments, each compound helped people to lose a significant amount of weight.  They also provide the links to the studies on the website.  The compounds that Clinislim contains are:

colon cleanse 3000

Colon cleansing is one of the more popular things to do right now in the dieting and weight loss community.  The aim of a colon cleanse is to focus on getting rid of excess weight, and further rid the body of damaging toxins that are on the walls of the intestine.  


Colonoxy is a Colon Cleanser that is designed to clean one’s digestive track, preventing disease, and even making claims of helping one lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds.  This is a truly remarkable claim.  This supplement can be found for anywhere from $39.99 to a suggested retail price of $100.  So what does it do?  What is in Colonoxy to make it work:

coltox side effects

Before you start your next diet have you considered using a cleanse? Many dieters start with a cleanse because it prepares their body to lose weight.  Cleanses remove toxins, supply antioxidants, and reduce excess waste.  Doing so allows the body to more easily absorb the nutrients provided in your diet.