empyrean nutrition lipo sear side effects

It would be nice to know the skinny on Lipo-Sear by Empyrean Nutrition but the fact of the matter is the manufacturer no longer features this product on their site!  You can still find it if you shop around, but I’m guessing if Empyrean doesn’t sell it anymore then it wasn’t a huge success.  (And who is Empyrean Nutrition anyway?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

energy slim weight control liquid

Energy Slim Weight Control liquid is claimed to be the new miracle weight loss supplement to come out of Australia.   The Australian manufacturers and creators of Miracle Slim boast heavily on the fact that it is listed in on the Australian register of Therapeutic Goods-the regulatory board of Australia that helps ensure safety, quality, and performance.  Unfortunately, to us Americans, this register means very little.  Energy Slim claims to help the user increase fat burning fat while offering a boost in energy and mental awareness.  Energy Slim hopes to block the calories from carbohydrates and fats in your diet and prevent them from turning into real fat cells.  Its other big claim is that it will not only prevent fat cells from forming but will also starve and kill existing fat cells.  These are all very strong and convincing arguments, however, I would like to see some serious science to back these statements up, which I feel is lacking.  One huge benefit of Energy Slim, in my opinion, is that fact that it is taken in liquid form.  It is known that liquid is more quickly absorbed into the blood stream as opposed to pill or powder which requires the body to work hard and longer to dissolve and assimilate the supplement.

enzymatic therapy metabolic advantage side effects

We all want the advantage when it comes to slimming down and looking the way we want to. Enzymatic Therapy Metabolic Advantage makes the bold claim to allow you control of the ultimate weight loss control.  Your Thyroid.  The thyroid is a large glad in the body that is highly involved in the maintenance, production, and secretion of hormones along with other things.  Enzymatic Therapy Metabolic Advantage contains thyroid extract in order to allow your body to catch up with your bad eating habits or make up for its deficiency in breaking down foods.

enzymatic whole body cleanse internal

The title of the product  is pretty self-explanatory as to what the product claims to do.  The aim of the product is to cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate.  Often diet supplements don’t pay as much attention to recommended daily values of ingredients when adding ingredients.  

ergopharm amp2

If you are reading this correctly, apparently you haven’t taken this supplement.  What I mean by that is the product website says that AMP2 contains ingredients that are turning the dietary fat loss market on its head!  

essential amino energy

Anything worthwhile takes time to achieve.  My mom always used to say that if I wanted something, I had to work hard to earn it for myself.  In doing so, I would take better care of it and it would last longer.  This is easily applied to your body.  If someone were to hand you a perfectly chiseled body you probably wouldn’t know how to take care of it properly.

est nutrition propadrol ep side effects

Ladies, this product is for the man in your life–that is if your man likes crunching iron in the gym, and bedroom bench pressing is a regular activity in your household.

est nutrition suppressor chewables side effects

Appetite suppression in a “chocolate fudge brownie” chewable?  Is it true? Well yes, but the question is–will it work?  EST Nutrition has a whole line of weight loss and body building supplements that tout big claims but give little evidence to support them.  Here’s what they have to say about Suppressor Chewables:

est spirodrene

One of the main reasons that people struggle to lose weight is if their body is not able to let go of calories.  This could be due at least in part to thyroid function.  Your thyroid helps to regulate your metabolism.  If you have a slow metabolism your doctor may check your thyroid.  Using a diet pill that can help to optimize the function of your thyroid can give you greater results in less time than it would take for you to see results with other products.

estrogenex depot side effects

The skinny on Estrogenex Depot is that it is not intended to make you skinny. It is not a diet pill but a testosterone booster that comes to us from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The aim of Estrogenex Depot is to support a healthy balance of sex hormones in aging body builders and athletes. Estrogenex Depot is not intended for use by women.