hcg fusion hf 30 side effects

Weight loss is no easy task. Sure, we see celebrities who lose 70 pounds in 3 months or Biggest Loser contestants who lose half their body weight over the course of a season. But in real life, weight loss is tough. We can’t devote every second to exercising and eating right so we need fast fixes.

hcg maintenance side effects

Many readers have asked that we review HCG Maintenance Pills, the new diet pill from BioGenetics Laboratories. Strangely, HCG Maintenance Pills do not contain HCG. It’s kind of like opening a restaurant named “The Burger Joint” but only selling hot dogs. HCG Maintenance Pills are purportedly designed for HCG dieters wishing to maintain their lost weight. Do HCG Maintenance Pills work? Let’s take a closer look.

healthy thin side effects

When you are trying to lose weight you may become frustrated by the lack of results with diet and exercise alone.  If you have been working hard you may want to catch a break by adding a proven diet pill.  Healthy Thin may be able to assist in your weight loss goals.  But is it the right diet pill?

healthy trim side effects

When you start a new diet program you have high hopes that it will finally be the program to get you back into your high school jeans. After just a couple weeks, however, you realize that the weight is harder to shed than you were led to believe by advertisements.


The first thing I noticed while attempting to review this product was the website.  Those that research this product via the company website are bombarded with men flexing, and working out, helping the reader to infer that they too will look like the models after taking this supplement.  


As can be expected from the name of the product, Hoodia is a major part of this supplement.  Although this is an important portion of the supplement, it is only less than 1/4 of the supplement as a whole.