irwin naturals high performance weight loss support

The Irwin Naturals High Performance Weight Loss Support diet supplement is aimed at helping men achieve not only their weight loss goals but also more lean muscle mass.  They claim that its ingenious formula of a combination of six powerful ingredient groups will produce a “remarkable lean body effect.  They also claim that by recently adding 5-HTP and Xenedrol they have created the “supercharged” diet supplement.  While this supplement does boast a long formula many of the active ingredients’ effectiveness has yet to be proven.

irwin naturals less stress weight control side effects

If you are a normal human being you get stressed out sometimes.  The important part of this is whether you run to the refrigerator to alleviate that stress out or if you decide to “be the bigger man” and go work out.  Many people feel stressed out throughout their week and with that stress their diet plans get put on the backburner and they end up eating some of those foods that were not intended to creep into their diet plan.  Irwin Naturals’ came out with their product Less-Stress Weight Control for just that group of people.  The idea behind Irwin Naturals’ Less-Stress Weight Control is that the ingredients inside will help to reduce that stress and allow you to keep to your diet or just keep from over eating during rough times.  How in the world does a diet pill do this?  Well, Irwin Naturals’ Less-Stress Weight Control backs this statement with the ingredients inside.  So, let us take a look at what is really inside this product.  There are quite a few ingredients contained inside Irwin Naturals’ Less-Stress Weight Control but the ingredients that get the hype by Irwin Naturals are the following ingredients.  Magnolia Bark is one of the big sellers for this product.  What is Magnolia Bark intended to do?  This ingredient is specifically put in this product to reduce stress.  Yes, stress can be a factor to both weight gain and not losing weight.  The issue here is that there are no studies to prove that Magnolia Bark really does this.  There have been a couple Chinese studies done but nothing conclusive enough to say whether this ingredient can be used to reduce stress.  The good ingredients that Irwin Naturals’ Less-Stress Weight Control contains are Green Tea and B Vitamins.  Green Tea has been proven in many scientific studies to be effective at boosting metabolism and making weight loss possible.  B Vitamins are an excellent way to keep the body healthy.  A healthy body is one that loses weight and KEEPS IT OFF.  We always like to see B Vitamins incorporated into a good product.

irwin naturals system six

Irwin Naturals System-Six boasts a diverse formula that hopes to contribute to weight loss in six different ways; exercise and endurance, energy, mood, metabolism, carbohydrate support, and antioxidants.  This seems like a lot of declarations from one diet supplement.  Is it possible for all of these claims to be real?  After looking at and researching the formula I’m not positive System-Six does come through on all of its promises, although, they may come through on a couple.

irwin naturals triple tea fat burner

We have all heard so much about the benefits of drinking tea in recent years.  We have been told over and over about the powerful antioxidants we can gain and how we can even lose weight by just drinking three cups of tea.  Irwin Naturals Triple-Tea Fat Burner promises all these benefits and more by just taking their east to swallow soft-gel pill.  The Triple-Tea Fat Burner is a combination of white, green, and black tea with other natural herbs and fat burning supplements.  The Triple-Tea Fat Burner claims to be a “potent combination of thermogenic ingredients with super antioxidant protection.”  Irwin Naturals promises that in addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet the supplement will increase calorie burning, increase energy, and provide antioxidant support.

irwin naturals triple boost caffeine free energy side effects

Who in their right mind wants an untested stimulant to wreck havoc on their body?  No one.  This is where Irwin Naturals’ got the idea to develop Irwin Naturals Triple-Boost Caffeine Free Energy.  Irwin Naturals Triple-Boost Caffeine Free Energy claims to be a supplement that boosts energy without the side effects of other energy products that are similar.  How does Irwin Naturals’ even begin to make this claim?  Well, not having caffeine is pretty much the main and only way that Irwin Naturals Triple-Boost Caffeine Free Energy attempts to make this differentiation.  There are some good ingredients contained inside Irwin Naturals Triple-Boost Caffeine Free Energy and some that are simply ineffective.  Simply put, Irwin Naturals Triple-Boost Caffeine Free Energy does work for some as an energy boost and others are just not affected.  The main ingredients are listed below:
Chromium – 53 mcg
Creatine – 400 mg
Trimethylglycine – 267 mg
Maca powder – 200 mg
Spirulina powder – 133 mg
Asian Ginseng Extract – 67 mg
Bee Pollen powder 33 mg
Citrus Aurantium extract 200 mg
Royal Jelly powder 33 mg
Other ingredients are also found in the mixture but really have no effect whatsoever on energy or weight loss.

isodrene side effects

IsoDrene is one of the many diet pills that is based on the hormone HCG. This hormone is produced in newly pregnant mothers by the embryo, to ensure proper growth and development.


Many of you are familiar with the recent accusations against professional baseball player Roger Clemens. One of the drugs that he was accused of using was Human Growth Hormone, which is considered by Major League Baseball as well as most other athletic communities to be a performance-enhancing supplement.

lean hybrid muscle reloaded side effects

We have always been told that the only way to lose weight is to log endless hours in the gym and religiously count calories. After so much time and dedication, many end up with bulky, puffy, and sometimes even fat looking muscles. What about those lean, healthy looking muscles? How is that dream figure achieve, fast? The Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded program has found the answer!


So many diet pills claim extreme results in just a short amount of time.  But there are not very many of these diet pills that are able to claim lasting and permanent results.  LeanSpa advertises that after using their product for just a short amount of time you can lose weight naturally and in the ways that will give you permanent results.

leptin control formula side effects

Have you ever woken up at night and felt like your arm was completely disconnected from your body because you slept on it funny? It’s a pretty weird feeling.  You tell your fingers to move and they just can’t pick up the glass of water next to the bed.