magic slim side effects

When choosing a diet pill I only want to use one that is backed by scientific evidence.  There is a science to weight loss and fat burning since fat is accumulated and lost by chemical reactions in the body.

man swagger

When I think of this supplement, I am instantly reminded of Old Spice Swagger commercials and claims.  The name itself implies that by taking this supplement, it will increase one’s ability to perform at a high level.  The product claims that taking the supplement will give you: feel good energy, feel good mood, increased stamina, more vigor and of course – more swagger.  Those are rather bold claims for any product, particularly one that contains these ingredients:

mega t green tea gum

I love the idea of chewing my way to losing weight. Mega-T Green Tea Gum claims just that. Take 2 pieces of this gum after each meal and you will not only lose weight but see the added benefit of green tea in your diet. I just keep asking myself, can gum contain enough green tea to make a difference in my health and help me lose weight?

mega t green tea ultra

Mega-T Green Tea Ultra claims to stimulate metabolism, fight fatigue, curb one’s appetite, and by so doing help one lose weight.  

green tea water weight loss pill

This is a weight loss supplement that is readily available including your local Walgreens.  A diuretic, this aims to flush out excess water weight while maintaining homeostasis in the body.  Other claims for this product include that one will feel and look better as a result of taking this all-natural supplement.  

mega t green tea with acai

Mega-T Green Tea with Acai offers a different blend than their sister products.  This seems to be a popular product (by popular, I don’t mean necessarily effective) because of its convenience to purchase.  This product claims to curb appetite, stimulate metabolism, and burn fat.  Mega-T Green Tea with Acai does contain some supplements that work, but the exact amounts are uncertain.  What we do know is that Mega-T Green Tea with Acai does contain:

meratol carb blocker side effects

Dieting can be frustrating because you have to limit yourself from eating some of your favorite foods.  Who wants to go out to eat with friends and be completely restricted on the foods you can choose from the menu?  Using a diet pill may be able to give you greater flexibility with the foods you eat because it can suppress your appetite (helping you to eat less) and increase your metabolism so you burn off the calories you consume more quickly.

met rx mega cla energy side effects

Any dieters’ goal is always to lose the fat and put on muscle. This is of course possible with lots of hard work and dedication but can a diet pill really help you achieve these results?

metabospeed x side effects

We want to know what Lady Gaga eats.  We want to know how Madonna works out.  We want to know what Brittney is up to today…  And we’d like to know who of our favorite celeb’s are using what diet pills.  So, Lab88 – the makers of MetaboSpeed X cashed in by dropping the names and bending the truth along the way.

metaboup side effects

So many diet pills claim to be the most effective weight loss supplement on the market. Metabo Up claims just that, to be one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market and you should see results when using this product. Metabo Up also claims that it will help you burn fat, suppress appetite and speed up your metabolism. Metabo Up comes in little packs that you add to a bottle of water, which makes it easy and convenient to take. Metabo Up claims that it works even better when you take it with its sister diet pill Lipozene. If you take the two together this should create even better weight loss results (or at least make you spend more money!).  Does Metabo Up work and is it worth buying?