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My brother decided a couple years ago that he was going to become a body builder.  And he did a great job.  His workouts became his top priority and it was obvious that he was making huge strides in his ability to gain both muscle mass and strength.  But after a little while, these gains in strength seemed to reach a plateau to some degree and he never seemed to be increasing in size.  That’s when he decided to try a few diet pills that he thought would make a difference.


Phen375 claims to give those that take the supplement pharmacy grade weight loss by increasing thermogenesis, metabolism, suppressing appetite and claiming that through this process you will lose 3 to 5 pounds a week.  Wow.  First of all, I am not sure what “pharmacy grade weight loss” is.  

phenom v1 side effects

Phenom V1 is a diet pill that claims to set itself apart from others because it won’t leave you jittery and sick as most diet pills do.  Add to this its ability to “decrease cravings for succulent sweets, drop fat and preserve muscle tissue, and support mood with a ‘little bit’ of mood enhancers” and you may just have a winner.  After all it also has a cool name that reminds one of sleek sports cars or snake venom and a sexy black and red bottle.  And we believe everything we read, right?


For effective weight loss, you are probably looking for a high quality diet pill that is safe to use.  Although it may seem like the two cannot coincide, there are some top diet pills that will give you everything you want in one product.


With so many diet pills on the market, it’s only natural that some companies would try to copy the prescription only diet pills and market them as if you are getting the prescription drug without the prescription.  The non-prescription diet pill Phentremene does just this. Phentremene has a very similar name to the prescription only diet pill Phentirmene, but trust me the two are not even similar. Phentremene claims that it will suppress your appetite, reduce weight with your body’s increased ability to burn fat, block fat absorption, increase your energy levels and also help manage your cholesterol levels. Is Phentremene an effective diet pill and is it worth buying?

power pops

When a chocolate craving hits do you reach for a candy bar?  Some people have said that sucking on a chocolate flavored lollipop can help to satisfy the craving for an extended period of time without completely derailing your diet.  Now, can you imagine having a lollipop readily available in almost any flavor you could crave?  What if it was actually part of your diet?