Quadracarn was developed by the Beverly International, and is designed to help one lose weight and tone their bodies.  This product is unique among diet supplements, as it doesn’t contain typical ingredients found in other diet pills, but focuses on more “scientifically” proven ingredients. This product doesn’t contain caffeine, which may be appealing to some.  This product focuses on four different types of Carnitine – a naturally occurring chemical in the body which allows for natural fat transport to occur.  These four types of Carnitine are the main ingredients contained in the supplement.  They are:

que she diet pills side effects

As recently as late 2009, Que She Diet Pills were being touted as a revolutionary product that through a combination of 11 Chinese herbs could help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and energy and by helping your body digest food at an optimal level. Since then, however, the FDA has had very different things to say about Que She Diet Pills. As of July 2010, the FDA banned the sale or distribution of Que She Diet Pills in the United States because of undisclosed, controlled substances contained in its formula. While these ingredients have been used in the past for weight loss in the US, they were banned because of potentially serious health risks, including death.