silver slimming patch side effects

There are so many diet pills but most of these are ingested orally.  Some diet pills can be applied to the skin as a cream but if you have done any research on these products you probably know that they are not very effective at reducing fat especially because they cannot really target one specific area of the body.

silvertown total slim side effects

Every weight loss supplement consumer is looking for that “all in one” supplement that is going to boost their energy, help them lose weight, and decrease or even stop their hunger cravings. Silvertown Total Slim claims it can do all this and more.

slender fx side effects

Some diet pills work fast while others take longer.  In general, fast acting diet pills do not give you sustainable results because you lose primarily water weight.  So what’s the draw of a fast diet pill? You reduce bloating, it’s easier to fit into that little black dress, and you have an immediate boost to your ego.

slender pu erh tea side effects

Slender Pu’erh Tea can be used for weight loss.  It has natural ingredients and is a safe option.  The problem is that it is not powerful enough to work on its own.

slendertone shorts

What if weight loss were as easy as slipping on a pair of shorts?  Slendertone Shorts claim that they are the easiest solution to toning up.  All you have to do is put these shorts on, turn them on and they will stimulate your muscles for you in ways similar to exercise.

slim select 30 90 side effects

To slim down you can spend all your free time in the gym and counting calories… Or you can simply add Slim Select 30/90 by Fembody Nutrition to your weight loss routine.

slim xtreme

RECALL WARNING!The company that manufactures this product issued a recall dated October 11, 2009.  If you are considering taking this product, or are currently taking this product stop now!  From the website it states that the company was concerned that it “may not comply with all provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


When choosing a diet pill, you want something quick, effective and safe. Slim9 claims just that plus more. Slim9 is a diet pill that claims to be “the world’s most advanced weight loss pill” on the market. Wow, that sounds promising and exciting! Slim9 claims by taking Slim9 each day you will lose pounds and inches off your waist size in a matter of days (not weeks). Slim9 claims to increase metabolism, improve digestive regularity, you should lose 3 to 5 pounds a week, lose inches on your waist and also is a powerful fat binder. These claims sounds promising, but I have to ask does Slim9 work, is it worth the money, and does it have anything that distinguishes it from any other diet pill on the market?


Many people who use diet pills prefer ingredients that are natural and botanical. These ingredients are often regarded as safe, effective, and without side effects. No wonder there are more of these natural ingredient diet pills popping up all the time.

slimmies weight loss chocolates side effects

You read it right girls–‘WEIGHT LOSS CHOCOLATES.’ I KNOW!I got excited too!But I happen to know if I eat one chocolate, my ‘binge eating button’ is triggered and one just aint gonna do it. It’s a train wreck. A clusterfluffle of truffles. A mocha massacre. A crime of coconut passion.