t up black side effects

Go to the Nutrex Research website and you’ve instantly entered what I like to term a “man lair” (also known to some as a ‘CAVE.’  You know what I’m talking about ladies.)  The website is big and BAD and uses graffiti graphics, muscular stock photography and outrageous claims to sell its wares.  But can you trust “Nutrex Dave”–as cute and CUT as he is–and are the products for real, or real hype?

tatalou bene fiit side effects

If you’ve struggled with long-term weight gain but are concerned with the possible dangers of harmful diet pills, Tatalou Science has a new product on the shelves and suggests Bene-Fiit will deliver safe and effective results.


How incredible would it be to lose weight and see major health benefits by just drinking 3 cups of tea a day?  TavaTea promises weight-loss without the pain and suffering of hard repeated exercise, intense calorie restriction, and annoying routines.  They promise that by drinking their tea you will not only lose weight quickly but you will experience health benefits such as lower cholesterol, improved digestion, and it may even make you look younger.  They say big name celebrities use these teas to lose weight. All of these claims sound very convincing but I have to ask myself can TavaTea be that much more effective than plain green tea or is it really the new miracle diet supplement?


Are you looking to gain the greatest results from using a diet pill?  Do you struggle with excess weight that you want to lose but you don’t want to risk losing the muscle you worked hard to gain?  Well, there may finally be a diet pill you can use that can be effective in helping you to achieve all your goals however lofty they may seem.

the cleanse

The Cleanse aims at creating a whole body cleanse.  These products are unique, and the aim is as well, but the website doesn’t clarify exactly what is in the products.  What a cleanse aims to do is rid the body of any toxins that would be detrimental to one’s health, thereby allowing greater weight loss and overall quality of life.  

the new lifestyle diet side effects

Ready to slip into something more comfortable?  Going to the beach this weekend in that itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini?  Ugh, need to lose a few pounds first?  20 or more pounds?

the tool box diet side effects

Why spend a lot of money on weight loss products that do not even work?  If you are wanting to lose weight in a healthy manner without making too much effort the Tool Box Diet may be ideal for you.  It is an entirely affordable solution to permanent weight loss and it hardly even feels like you are on a diet because you are allowed to eat your favorite foods (yes, even pizza and beer!).

thermadril side effects

Doing research about diet pills wondering whether ThermaDril is worth your time?  We have done the research on ThermaDril and here are the results.  NiGenBiotech is the maker of ThermaDril as well as many other mediocre diet pills.  NiGenBiotech usually markets toward dieters that are too lazy to do the research themselves.

thermobuterol hardcore side effects

The ‘skinny’ on Thermobuterol Hardcore is it’s a product by SEI Pharmaceuticals–yet another body building supplement site–that has given their product an extremely lonnnnng name and excruciatingly awful blown-up claims.