thermodrenix side effects

Thermodrenix is a diet pill that has many of the right ingredients you need for weight loss.  It can be used to do much more than just increase metabolism because it also suppress your appetite and assists in the growth of lean muscle mass.


Thermogenesil is a new diet pill coming out in 2011. Thermogenesil is an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster. Thermogenesil contains some of the most proven ingredients to help you lose weight and burn fat.


From the title of the product, one will quickly assume (and rightly so) that this product is designed to aid in the process of thermogenesis – the process by which heat is created in the body.  By creating heat in the body, one is burning calories, something that Thermoloid claims to do effectively.  I find this an interesting concept, and if they get the scientific backing to prove that they can artificially create this process it will be a major breakthrough.  There are many ingredients in Thermoloid that do appear to be effective, but, seeing that it is a proprietary blend, it is unclear how much of each product is in each tablet.  What one can conclude from this is that there are some proven weight loss ingredients in Thermoloid, but to what extent taking this supplement will help can’t be determined.  Thermoloid contains:

thermoloss ef side effects

Ephedra used to be one of the most popular ingredients in diet pills.  It was used to suppress appetite and raise metabolism making weight loss significantly easier. That is, until the FDA banned it’s use due to complaints of severe side effects.

thermoprime ac core burn side effects

The Skinny on ThermoPrime AC/CORE Burn

You’ve got plans to attend your class reunion, it’s time to impress that old flame.  You don’t have time to waste if you are going to lose 20 pounds before the big event.  You need a diet pill that works and you need it now…

thermoprime advanced side effects

It’s finally time to plan for that long-awaited cruise… a bucket-list item that has been a long time coming.  The experience would be complete by showing up with a drop-dead gorgeous body on deck.  No inhibitions, no self-conscience feelings; just you, in your bikini on the sky deck swaying in the ocean breeze.  So, We Need A Fat Burner – And FAST!


Thermotox claims that 70% of people suffering from weight gain can attribute that weight gain to the build up of toxins within the body.  Thus, the aim of Thermotox is to rid the body of dangerous toxins, allowing one to lose weight.  Thermotox also claims to have a dual focus – decreasing toxins and improving the way the body burns fat.

thingloss side effects

At we like to see diet products that think outside of the box. THINgloss is definitely an example of one of these products. Created by April Morris, from the TV Show “Shark Tank, THINgloss is a lip gloss that purportedly doubles as an appetite suppressant. Does the science check out with THINgloss? Can THINgloss help you lose weight or is it just a waste of money?

think and lose

This is an interesting product that is advertised on TV.  Essentially this product is designed to help you mentally think and lose weight as it says.  The main thrust is to help one eat less – the website tells you to essentially half your caloric intake, eat healthier foods, and then use hypnosis to reinforce the behavior.  I find this very interesting, and just by taking a look at the guy on the website, I am skeptical.  Of course eating less will naturally help you lose weight, but this concept of tricking your subconscious mind into believing that you are full is a new concept to me.  I am amazed that people claim that this product works.  This product, unlike others, doesn’t include supplements but has an initial program, but for those returning customers there are plenty of other products available – that conveniently cost money as well.