viacore core slim side effects

Thermo Prime PM/CORE Slim is a weight loss supplement made by ViaCore Nutrition.  On their official website they state, “CORE Slim is a 100% natural fat burner designed to assist a person’s fat loss goals in a safe and healthy manner.”  CORE Slim used to be a product called ThermoPrime PM but the company doesn’t say why the change was made.  We wonder if sales of ThermoPrime PM were falling…  If so, a quick label and name change would make it look like ViaCore had just come out with a new and improved product.  That’s why we’re here folks, to do the research for you.


First of all, it must be pointed out that VitaminID is designated to be primarily a gap filler, meaning that the aim of this product isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but to increase the overall well-being of one’s health.  This is done through providing adequate vitamins, to fill in the gaps that people naturally have from a poor diet.  

vpx anarchy covalex

Vpx Anarchy Covalex is made to supplement your work outs before you even start doing anything physical.  What Vpx Anarchy Covalex boasts to do is increase your mental focus for extreme sport performance and gives a large boost of energy required for any workout.  Vpx Anarchy Covalex increases muscle mass as well as explosive power!  Vpx Anarchy Covalex lets everyone know the ingredients added in the propriety blend, but the amounts of each ingredient are not given out, but these ingredients are as follows:
•    N-Dipropyl
•    7-Propargylxanthine
•    Caffeine Anhydrous
•    Beta-Alanine
•    Creatine monohydrate
•    Creatyl-L-Glutamine
•    L-Histidine HCI
•    3′-5′-cAMP (3′-5′-Cyclic A-denosine Monophosphate)
•    Supra-Amine™ Apple geranium leaves [std. to 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine]
•    R-β-Menthylphenylethylamine HCI
•    N-Methyl-β-Phenylethylamine
•    Olive Leaf Extract [std. to hydroxtyrosol]
•    Yohimbe bark
•    Toothed Clubmoss
•    3′5′-Diiodo-L-Thyronine.