xtreme zma

It’s pretty common knowledge that there are a lot of low quality diet pills out there that are charging an arm and a leg for a product that only claims to work. That’s why we’re here to get the skinny on diet pills and shine light on the ones not worth buying, while giving credit to those products that put ingredients into the bottle that are actually worth mentioning. Xtreme-ZMA appears to be a pretty simple diet pill, with only 5 ingredients, 3 of which are mentioned in the name. It’s often refreshing to find a diet pill that doesn’t feel the need to chalk their Supplement Facts full of fillers and useless ingredients just to look superior. Even still, we want to make sure that the few ingredients that are listed are living up to the claims that are being made.


Xyphedrine’s website claims that this will help to reach your highest metabolic rates, reduce one’s appetite, increase insulin levels thereby increasing energy levels – essentially leading to less fat buildup.