empyrean nutrition lipo sear side effects

empyrean-nutrition-lipo-sear-side-effectsIt would be nice to know the skinny on Lipo-Sear by Empyrean Nutrition but the fact of the matter is the manufacturer no longer features this product on their site!  You can still find it if you shop around, but I’m guessing if Empyrean doesn’t sell it anymore then it wasn’t a huge success.  (And who is Empyrean Nutrition anyway?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

Here is what I managed to find out about Lipo-Sear:

Lipo-Sear claims to take a ‘3-pronged approach to the fastest fat loss available’ by offering–

1. Appetite and craving control

2. All-day energy and–

3. Mood elevation and mental focus. 

I believe the ‘sear’ in Lipo-Sear and the ‘3-pronged’ approach is supposed to hint that this product will sear your fat like a steak on the grill!  (But perhaps that’s my warped brain moving in the wrong direction.)

In addition Empyrean Nutrition claims this product ‘contains a synergistic blend of 9 ingredients to support fat loss in multiple pathways.’  Hmmm–sounds convincing–even though its lack of presence on the official website doesn’t do it any favors.  Let’s look at the ingredients.  They will always uncover a product’s secrets. 

Lipo-Sear Ingredients

The ingredients in Lipo-Sear are thrown into a couple of proprietary blends of unknown dosage quantity.  This is a double whammy.  Firstly blends are usually clever marketing and ‘hide’ naughty practices (like ineffective dosages.)  Second if a company doesn’t divulge dosage amounts then you can pretty much guarantee you’re not getting nearly enough for the product to be effective.  Diet companies should not hide what they’ve put inside!  Here’s what’s in Lipo-Sear:

Energy Blend

  • Caffeine-stimulant to raise the metabolism and increase energy.  You need the correct dosage for effectiveness. 
  • L-Tyrosine-a non-essential amino acid that increases thyroid health and supports mental alertness.  No clinical proof.
  • Yohimba HCL-designed to promote fat loss (particularly in trouble spots), suppress appetite and maximize sex drive.  No clinical proof.

Lipolytic Blend

  • Phenylethylamine HCD-improves mood, concentration and mental alertness.  No clinical proof.
  • D-methyl-Synephrine-a safe alternative to the infamous ephedra.  Improves metabolic rate and thermogenesis.  Research is ongoing.
  • 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine-provides increased energy and focus.  No clinical proof.

Thermogenesis Blend

  • Raspberry Ketones-a clinically proven metabolic booster and fat burner.
  • Acacia Rigidula-appetite suppressant and metabolic booster.  Fairly new patent-pending ingredient.  Clinical proof yet to be made available.

So what have we here?  Only two of these ingredients have any clinical backing-caffeine and Raspberry Ketones.  Raspberry Ketones is actually a top-rated weight loss ingredient.  The others are ‘okay.’  Let’s just say, I’ve seen a lot worse.  Here’s the key; dosage quantity.   I am guessing you’re not getting enough ingredients in Lipo-Sear for it to be truly effective.  Without knowing how much of each ingredient you’re getting in these three blends, I can’t rate it as anything other than ‘blee’ (yes, that’s a technical term.)  The fact that it’s not available on the manufacturer’s site and little information can be found supports my opinion.

Lipo-Sear Side Effects

Any side effects associate with Lipo-Sear will be caffeine related.  Caffeine can cause jitteriness, irritability, headaches, stomach problems and insomnia. 

Does Lipo-Sear Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Lipo-Sear will set you back $34.99 with no money-back guarantee.  There are a couple of positive reviews out there (if they’re genuine), and some of the ingredients are ‘okay.’  But if you’re going to spend that much anyway you may as well spend a little more and purchase a diet pill that’s chock full of clinically proven ingredients.  Let’s face it; the weight loss industry is 97% made up of inadequate products, and I’m guessing this is one of them.  Go after the 3%–your body is worth it!