energy slim weight control liquid

energy-slim-weight-control-liquidEnergy Slim Weight Control liquid is claimed to be the new miracle weight loss supplement to come out of Australia.   The Australian manufacturers and creators of Miracle Slim boast heavily on the fact that it is listed in on the Australian register of Therapeutic Goods-the regulatory board of Australia that helps ensure safety, quality, and performance.  Unfortunately, to us Americans, this register means very little.  Energy Slim claims to help the user increase fat burning fat while offering a boost in energy and mental awareness.  Energy Slim hopes to block the calories from carbohydrates and fats in your diet and prevent them from turning into real fat cells.  Its other big claim is that it will not only prevent fat cells from forming but will also starve and kill existing fat cells.  These are all very strong and convincing arguments, however, I would like to see some serious science to back these statements up, which I feel is lacking.  One huge benefit of Energy Slim, in my opinion, is that fact that it is taken in liquid form.  It is known that liquid is more quickly absorbed into the blood stream as opposed to pill or powder which requires the body to work hard and longer to dissolve and assimilate the supplement.

Energy Slim Weight Control Liquid Ingredients

  • Green Tea
  • Coleus
  • White Willow Bark
  • Green Coffee
  • Guarana
  • L-Carnitine
  • Vitamin B3

Energy Slim Weight Control Liquid Side Effects

Because of the amount of green tea, guarana, and L-carnitine found in Energy Slim it is possible for some negative side effects to occur.  It is cautioned with all of these herbs and supplements to not take if you have ever experienced stomach ulcers or gastrointestinal problems.  They have also been known to cause dizziness, nervousness, headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping, and anxiety.

The other two components of Energy Slim may not be as recognizable to those who are familiar with taking diet supplements.  Coleus is said to be the star player found in Energy Slim.  According to Energy Slim it helps “block the body from absorbing carbohydrates and fats, starving stored fat cells in the body as they shrink away.”  There have been a couple small studies done on coleus in regards to weight loss with conflicting results.  Some claim it works and others claim it has no affect on losing or blocking fat.  Again, with the strong claims Energy Slim makes in regards to Coleus, I would like to see more scientific support.  The only bad side effects that have been found by taking Coleus have to do with those who take asthma or heart medication.

The other not as known component of Energy Slim is the white willow bark.  White willow bark has been known to be a natural way to reduce fever and inflammation.  Energy Slim claims it will make you feel better, and if you feel better you will want to keep on your diet plan.  White willow bark has been known to cause gastrointestinal problems and stomach ulcers in some.

Does Energy Slim Weight Control Liquid Work Well Enough to Buy?

Energy Slim has a price tag of $59.95 for a 20-30 day supply.  This seems a bit expensive especially considering the fact that it does not offer a money-back guarantee.  I feel that Energy Slim would definitely give you the boost of energy is promises with ingredients like guarana and green tea, however, I would definitely like to see some more research and science to back up its other fat burning and fat starving claims.