est nutrition propadrol ep side effects

est-nutrition-propadrol-ep-side-effectsLadies, this product is for the man in your life–that is if your man likes crunching iron in the gym, and bedroom bench pressing is a regular activity in your household.

Propadrol is a supplement used by body builders to increase testosterone levels to gain strength and muscle mass–as well as to raise the old libido.  Testosterone products have always been popular with the body building circuit, and companies are constantly striving to find natural and safe ways to raise test levels–while inhibiting testosterone from turning into estrogen (which renders it useless.)

Yes ladies–even with more estrogen in his body, he’ll still never understand you.

EST Nutrition is not the best body building supplement company out there.  From what I’ve witnessed–and by reading body building forum reviews–EST’s formulas are weak.  They talk the talk–but seldom walk the walk. 

Or as we say across the pond, “they’re all talk and no trousers.’

Here’s what EST Nutrition has to say about Propadrol EP:

“EST® has launched the Elite Performance Series highlighting PROPADROL EP™. Boost Testosterone Levels, while Eradicating Estrogen, with no nasty side effects. This full spectrum formula utilizes technologies and science that will set a new standard in Testosterone Enhancement and Therapy.” 

 Will it now?  Let’s look at the ingredients.

Propadrol EP Ingredients

Propadrol EP’s ingredients are administered in an itty-bitty 200 mg proprietary blend.  I am not a fan of blends because they hide individual ingredient quantities.  You simply don’t know how much of the ‘good stuff’ you’re getting–and how much is cheap fillers and crap. (‘Crap’ being a technical term.)

Here is what’s in Propadrol EP’s blend:

Proprietary Propadrol™ Blend 200 mg



Methyl-2a 3 mg

(D-Aspartic Acid and 5 Methyl-7 Methoxy Isoflavone)

D-Aspartic Acid-an amino acid that’s being used by everyone (and their dog) as the latest and greatest all-natural testosterone booster.  Unfortunately research shows it only raises test levels to 33% maximum, which is hardly enough to notice results you can visibly see and feel. 

5 Methyl-7 Methoxy Isoflavone-a non-steroidal muscle promoting isoflavone that helps increase muscle mass and decrease body fat–if used in the correct amount and with heavy resistance exercise.

Look–I doubt you’re getting enough of either ingredient in a 200 mg blend.  Also D-Aspartic Acid seems to ceiling out, and there’s no evidence that continued use will increase testosterone levels either. 


Propadrol EP Side Effects

Propadrol EP is manufactured to boost testosterone levels while inhibiting estrogen with zero side effects.  The problem is–will you see any effects at all?

Does Propadrol EP Work Well Enough to Buy?

Propadrol EP is expensive on the official EST Nutrition website ($56.95 plus shipping), so don’t go that route.  If your man really must have this product, shop around for him (you’re better at shopping for bargains than he is.)  I found it online for as low as $29.  

Propadrol EP will probably need to be used in higher dosage than what is recommended to see any results.  The weakness of this formula was body building forum member’s number one complaint. 

If I were you, I’d take the experts advise (yes, they have brains as well as all that lovely muscle) and buy a better testosterone booster.  Check out body building forums for the best advise on testosterone and other body building supplements.

Now go get bench pressed…