est nutrition suppressor chewables side effects

est-nutrition-suppressor-chewables-side-effectsAppetite suppression in a “chocolate fudge brownie” chewable?  Is it true? 

Well yes, but the question is–will it work?  EST Nutrition has a whole line of weight loss and body building supplements that tout big claims but give little evidence to support them.  Here’s what they have to say about Suppressor Chewables:

“SUPPRESSOR Chewables, ™ brings to you the same great qualities as Suppressor,™ only as a delicious, calorie-free chewable snack!”

• May Assist in Craving Control
• Caffeine-Free
• Calorie-Free Snack
• Fortified with Boa-OX™
• Fortfied with Cacta-Pro™

Here’s my problem–if I eat anything that vaguely resembles chocolate in any shape or form, I’m suddenly on a crusade for chocolate.  Suppressor Chewables would need to contain some pretty potent appetite suppressants to stop me in my tracks.

Let’s see if it does… 

Suppressor Chewables Ingredients

First of all this small 528 mg proprietary blend contains two formulas–Cacta-PRO™ and Bao-OX™.  Never heard of ‘em?  Well you wouldn’t have.  They were created by EST Nutrition.  They sound good, but they’re probably clever marketing with little to support them in way of results. 

Secondly is the blend itself.  528 mg is a small dosage.  And blends leave you with the question of how you can judge individual ingredient quantity.  The answer is–you can’t.  Usually you’re not getting enough of the more expensive and effective ingredients and an influx of the cheaper and weaker ones. 

Cacta-PRO™ containing:

  • Prickly Pear Cactus Extract: for appetite suppression.  There is no clinical evidence to back this ingredient.
  • Brassica Oleracea: a cabbage plant.  Some research found weight loss results in diabetic rats, but considering you’re not a rat and possibly not diabetic, who cares?  I doubt this will do much.

Bao-OX™ containing:

  • Baozine: high in antioxidants which will strengthen the immune system and repair cellular damage.  Purportedly high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium.  I’ve never heard of it.

Also contains:

  • Green Tea: at last a clinically proven ingredient!  Proven to to raise metabolic rate and suppress the appetite with its natural caffeine and EGCG’s–in the correct clinical dose.  Also high in antioxidants.  Very good for you, and extremely effective–if you’re getting enough. 
  • L-Taurine: proven to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, L-Taurine doesn’t do much in the way of weight control.  

What a bazaar offering of ingredients!  Could they be any more obscure?  You haven’t got anything here really effective–excluding Green Tea–and nothing that will banish appetite.  What a crock. 

Suppressor Side Effects

I can’t think of any side effects associated with Suppressor Chewables–or any effects either!  Other than Green Tea which contains a little naturally-occurring caffeine there’s simply nothing in it!  If you are extremely susceptible to caffeine you may experience the usual effects such as the jitters, restlessness and increased heart rate.  But I doubt it.

Does Suppressor Chewables Work Well Enough to Buy?


You’d be better off spending $30 on 25 packets of chewing gum than buying Suppressor Chewables for appetite control.  Honestly this product is about as much use as a chocolate teapot in the desert! 

Don’t buy into hype.  And make sure if you do buy, to spend your money wisely.  For not much more than $30 you can find a diet product full of clinically proven weight loss ingredients including appetite suppressants.  It may not taste like chocolate fudge brownie but it’ll work and you won’t WANT a chocolate fudge brownie.

 Good luck!