estrogenex depot side effects

estrogenex-depot-side-effectsThe skinny on Estrogenex Depot is that it is not intended to make you skinny. It is not a diet pill but a testosterone booster that comes to us from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The aim of Estrogenex Depot is to support a healthy balance of sex hormones in aging body builders and athletes. Estrogenex Depot is not intended for use by women.

As men age, their testosterone levels drop and their estrogen levels rise. A new study actually suggest that when men have kids, their testosterone plummets while estrogen kicks in to make them more sensitive for the sake of good parenting. Regardless if you have babies or not you will see the effects of your sex hormones balance changing.

The effects of your testosterone lowering can mean that you’re not able to gain as much muscle. For athletes and body builders, this is not acceptable. Estrogenex Depot claims to have created a new kind of test booster that will increase your bio-availability of testosterone and decrease your estrogen levels. This will help you regain the muscle building powers of your youth so that you are not wasting your time in the gym or on the field not getting results.

Estrogenex Depot Ingredients

Estrogenex Depot has a lot of good ingredients that are known to suppress estrogen and increase your testosterone. Some of them are even good for increasing your libido. However, Estrogenex Depot uses a proprietary blend which is a common trick in the supplement industry for hiding the essential ingredient amount information.

There is one good reason for hiding information about your ingredient amounts which is that you do not have enough of the effective components. This is always a red flag when looking at any supplements.

Without the ingredient amounts, there is no possible way for us to know whether or not Estrogenex Depot could be effective or safe for that matter. Here is the list of ingredients.
* Brassaiopsis Glomerulta Extract
* N-Benzoyl-L-Phenylaline Methyl Ester 7
* 8 Benzoflavone
* 8-Bromo-7-Methoxychrysin
* Epiandrosterone
* 9-Hydroxy-Alpha-Naphthoflavone
* Coumestrol Dimethyl Ether
* Indole-3-Carbinol
* Beta-Sitosterol
* Stinging Nettle Extract
* Muira Puama Extract
* Naringen

Estrogenex Depot Side Effects

It is impossible to know whether or not Estrogenex Depot is safe without knowing the ingredinet amounts. It also has not been released for sale yet so there is no feedback from the customer department.

Does Estrogenex Depot Work Well Enough to Buy?

Estrogenex Depot is not yet for sale. There is really no way to tell if it will be effective without the ingredient amounts. It is also not clinically proven. They have a lot of information on their ingredients and studies that have been done on them but this is no where near having a study performed on the actual Estrogenex Depot formula.

Some perks to Estrogenex Depot is that there is no shipping and handling cost and they have a one hundred percent money back guarantee. I could not find the specifics of their money back guarantee but you have to read the find print to make sure they give you enough time to try the test booster.