fastin xr side effects

fastin-xr-side-effectsEver tried or heard of original Fastin? Well no matter, because Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have apparently improved it. It’s now even better (just ask ‘em) because it contains:

* 50 mg more caffeine
* DMAA (Geranium extract) which effects neurotransmitters responsible for metabolism and energy–and–
* 5-HT for increased serotonin release so you feel happy and full

Here’s the thing–it doesn’t seem to be available on the official website yet.

But, you can order it from third-party retailers.

Can you say “back order”? I’m only speculating, but it makes sense that if the Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals show it’s “coming soon” that other companies are taking your money and making you wait.

So the question is–is Fastin XR worth the hassle?

Here are the claims:
* The King of Stimulant Weight Control Formulations Just Got Better!
* Immediate and All-Day Extended Release (XR) Technology Utilizes DMAA for Even More Stimulant Action!
* The Strongest and Most Technologically Advanced Diet Aid Ever Developed

The “King” eh? Well, I’m the Queen of sniffing out bull-puckie. Let’s look at the ingredients.

Fastin XR Ingredients

Fastin XR contains 50 mg more Caffeine Ahhydrous. Don’t get too excited, ‘anhydrous’ is a fancy word for ‘dehydrated’ and you’re still only getting a total of 150 mg. I drink that much in a couple of Diet Pepsi’s–with much the same effect.

Fastin XR also contains the following in a 375 mg “extended release” proprietary blend:
* Acacia Ridudula Extract-a plant that purportedly reduces stored fat, increases lean muscle and improves joint mobility. It’s more commonly used to treat infections and inflammation. It’s not without side effects either including negative reactions to mood and symptoms associated with allergies.
* Synephrine HCl-a really good ingredient that mimics Ephedrine in that it raises metabolic rate, increases fat burning and improves mood–all without negatively effecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
* Theobromine-a natural form of caffeine that comes from cocoa. It raises metabolic rate and improves mood, and can act as an appetite suppressant.
* Green Tea-another excellent ingredient. Green Tea is high in antioxidants, EGCG’s and natural caffeine and can raise metabolic rate and oxidise fat–while killing free radicals that cause disease and aging.
* DMAA-aka 1,3-dimethylamylamine. DMAA comes from the Geranium plant and mimics adrenaline. As such it raises metabolic rate. But as of right now there is no scientific evidence that backs it, despite its popularity in body building supplements.
* Naringen-a bitter compound from grapefruit thought to suppress appetite and cause fat burning.
* 5-methoxytryptamine HCl-aka “5-HT”. 5-HT is a mood lifter that’s also marketed as an energy stimulator.
* Yohimbine HCl-a fat burner that’s supposed to target stubborn, ‘hard to reach’ areas like the abs and thighs.

Question Number One–what makes this blend “extended release”? I certainly can’t figure it out.

Question Number Two–if it takes at least 100-400 mgs of each ingredient to render them effective, how are you getting enough in a proprietary blend?

Question Number Three–how do you know how much of each individual ingredient you’re getting when they’re thrown into a prop blend–or as I like to term it–an ‘herbal soup’?

I can’t see how this formula is effective at all, let alone improved.

Fastin XR Side Effects

This formula is stimulant heavy. Expect side effects including the jitters, restlessness, nervousness, dizziness and irritability. You’ll be especially irritable when you realize you’ve spent far too much of a formula that doesn’t do much more than get you revved up for a bit, and turns your pee yellow.

Does Fastin XR Work Well Enough to Buy?

Buyers beware.

It’s expensive. I’ve seen it for a minimum of around $60 to $140! Why on earth you’d spend $60 is beyond me. But $140 is pure madness.

If you really must try Fastin XR, buy it as cheaply as possible. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. And most third-party retailers don’t offer one on opened product.

I believe I’ve just sniffed out some bull-puckie.

Fastin XR, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings