fat smack side effects

fat-smack-side-effectsFat Smack by Porus Labs is surrounded by incredible hype and sexiness.  The official website has a black and red gothic theme with rock music and loads of glamor.  If you believed its effectiveness based on the superficial, you’d be pulling out your wallet inside of five minutes. But hold on there a second cowboy…there’s more to a product than its looks. 

Fat smack claims the following:

  • Contains a ‘unique’ blend of ingredients each selected for their potential impact on weight and fat loss variables.
  • Ingredients are potent and given in their correct, clinical dosages.
  • Contains no fillers common in diet pills and that have no impact on weight loss.
  • Ingredients will help you burn fat while building muscle.

Sounds superb.  And I’m still jamming to an electric guitar.  But is Fat Smack really capable of giving fat a good spanking, or will it be more like a polite and apologetic tap?  Let’s look at the ingredients:

 Fat Smack Ingredients

  • 1,3, 7 Trimethylaxanthine–it may have a fancy name, but simply put it’s caffeine.  Caffeine is widely studied and one of the most common ingredients in weight loss pills.  It boosts the metabolism, increases energy and may heighten fat oxidation.  But it doesn’t come without side effects.  Common ones are jitteriness, irritability, headaches, insomnia and stomach issues.
  • 2-amino-4-methylhexane–research is ongoing with this ingredient.  It is thought to mimic the effects of the sympathetic nervous system such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.  Provides a feeling of exhilaration and euphoria.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ)– this is essentially green tea extract.  It contains naturally occurring caffeine and is a potent antioxidant–fighting free radicals that cause disease and aging. 
  • Capsaicinoids–found in hot chili peppers–thought to stimulate thermogenics and burn fat.
  • Vitamins and Mineral Matrix–an ingredient intensifier that enhances the antioxidant activity of the other ingredients. 
  • Piperine–extract of black pepper.  It often used within nutritional supplements as an aid in absorption.

Based on these ingredients, I’d say the ‘smack’ is more of a light reprimand than a good ‘seeing to.’  Basically what you’ve got here is a lot of caffeine. 

Fat Smack Side Effects

Fat Smack is capable of delivering substantial side effects.  You’re probably going to feel dizzy mixed in with a good dose of the jitters followed by possible headaches, grumpiness and insomnia.  The forecast will remain the same for possibly several days–or indefinitely. 

Does Fat Smack Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Fat Smack is one of ‘those.’  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The weight loss offering that glitters and dazzles but loses its appeal once the cap is opened and the results don’t show.  A bit like a date with a gorgeous piece of hotness with the personality of a brick.  The only smack you’re going to get is a firm slap across your face when the reality kicks in that you’ve just thrown away $30-$60!  So wake up and smell the roses.  There are great diet pills out there that contain six or more clinically tested and proven weight loss ingredients that might be without the rock star appeal, but won’t leave you feeling stupid in the morning.