flat belly with cla side effects

flat-belly-with-cla-side-effectsFlat Belly with CLA is a diet pill that concentrates on the fat burning and muscle building power of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is intended to be taken with each one of your meals throughout the day to get the proper amount of CLA.

To see what kind of weight loss power Flat Belly with CLA really has, we should take a look into the ingredients.

Flat Belly with CLA Ingredients

Flat Belly with CLA is formulated with CLA and CLA isomers. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is not produced naturally in our bodies but can be absorbed from food. The food that it is most commonly found in is beef and dairy products.

It is actually most concentrated in kangaroo meat but since you probably do not eat a lot of that, I will assume your main source is from cows. There is 500% more CLA in cows that are grass fed than cows that are not.

CLA is widely accepted to have weight loss benefits. It has been researched extensively and it has been shown to increase your muscle mass while reducing your body fat and also can reduce your abdominal fat. It is known to boost your metabolism which will help you to process food more efficiently and burn more calories.
It has other benefits for your health such as increasing your immune system function and improving your insulin levels. It also shows promising results towards its use as an anti-cancer treatment.

In order for CLA to effective, you need 1-3 grams of it daily. If taken 3 times, you will get almost 3 grams worth of CLA daily. Here are the ingredients that are in the Flat Belly with CLA formula.

CLA 1000 (from safflower oil) 1g

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 780 mg

Cis-9, Trans 11 Isomer 350 mg

Trans-10, Cis-12 Isomer 350 mg

Other Isomers 80 mg

Flat Belly with CLA Side Effects

CLA may increase the white blood cells and blood platelet counts, which could affect your overall blood vessel health over time. It also has had some intestinal side effects reported of nausea and stomach cramping. It may increase the risk of cardiovascular and inflammatory disease.

It is also said that it may increase the chance of diabetes in overly obese individuals that take CLA. Test are still being done to determine the cause and actuality of diabetes occurring but you should definitely consult with a physician before use of any CLA diet pill if you are obese.

Does Flat Belly with CLA Work Well Enough To Buy?

Flat Belly with CLA seems like it could work well enough to buy. We know that CLA is proven to have many weight loss benefits as well as general health positives. They give us all the information that we need to make an informed purchase.

If taken 3 times a day, Flat Belly with CLA gives you more than enough of CLA for it to be effective. I suggest using Flat Belly with CLA if you are not obese and wish to replace your fat with lean muscle mass.