forged burner side effects

forged-burner-side-effectsForged Burner has a serious name and look.  I quite like the oil can design and dynamic label.  Unfortunately when forged, it wasn’t built to last.  This fat burner is no longer sold by its own manufacturer Transform Supplements and has also been dropped by the majority of retailers that used to carry it.  ‘Twas obviously a best seller!  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Forged Burner makes the following claims:

  • Both a weight loss and body building pill-you’ll lose weight while preserving lean muscle.
  • Increases thermogenesis (fat burning.)
  • Provides antioxidant power to prevent disease and aging.
  • Stimulant free-feeling good leads to good performance.
  • Increases energy levels.

Well if it had delivered I’m guessing this little number would still be on the market.  Like the Tin Man–if only it’d had a sale! Let’s look at the ingredients and see if we can find clues to its near extinction:

Forged Burner Ingredients

  • L-Tyrosine–may provide increased awareness and mental acuity.
  • Caffeine–raises the metabolism and thermogenesis–but with side effects associated with stimulants.
  • Phenlylethylamine–purportedly raises metabolism.
  • Hydrochloride-a central nervous system stimulant that burns fat as effectively as large doses of caffeine.
  • Raspberry Ketones-clinically tested and proven to help raise metabolism, increase energy and burn fat.
  • Hordenine-allegedly helps with appetite Suppression, memory, energy, weight loss, stamina, stress, and as a mood stabilizer.
  • 1, 3 dimethylamine–creates energy, burns fat.
  • Ginger root extract–reduces bloating, aids metabolism for weight loss.
  • Vinopocetine-may aid in weight loss by acting as a thermogenic.
  • L-Huperzine A–similar to caffeine, a stimulant.
  • Naringin-may extend the effect of caffeine.
  • Evodiamine–a bioactive alkaloid also known as Wu-Zhu-Yu used by Chinese herbalists for weight loss.
  • Sulbutiamine–offers improved mood and concentration.
  • 4, 1-methoxy-2-ethyl-phenol HCL–a safe form of the powerful fat burner ephedra.

I could not find any information on how these ingredients are administered, or dosage quantities.  I am guessing they’re thrown in Forged Burner as an inadequate proprietary blend.  Proprietary blends are notorious for hiding a multitude of sins. 

Forged Burner Side Effects

Any side effects associated with Forged Burner will come from all the caffeine (and caffeine-related) ingredients.  Side effects may include jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, nausea and irritability.  Another side effect will probably be severe disappointment.  Symptoms are anger, frustration and a loss of monetary funds.

Does Forged Burner Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Looking at the ingredients you only have one clinically tested and PROVEN weight loss ingredient.  The rest of them have no scientific backing.  When you add to that the fact that this product is waving ‘bye bye’ as it leaves the station I’d say leave well enough alone.  It didn’t succeed the first time so why would you give it a second look?  Research instead quality weight loss products with six or more clinically tested and proven ingredients that’ll get the job done, satisfaction guaranteed.