frs health energy chews


FRS Health products are unique in the way they approach things.  They are in drink and chew form – the chew form being unique among the health community.  Like many products available today, this is primarily an antioxidant, aimed at helping one lose the bad toxins in the body while giving the partaker consistent energy throughout the day.  Product ingredients are clearly labeled, and the nutrition facts are available for everyone to see.  There are many good ingredients, including key vitamins that one will get by taking the supplement.  The ingredients in FRS Health Chews include:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Taurine
  • Quercetin

You may purchase this product straight from the website, without auto-ship.  There is a free trial option that allows you to have a 14-day “free trial”, but be aware that if you don’t cancel in the allotted time, you will be placed on auto-ship.  Therefore, be careful if you are going to do the “free trial”.

FRS Health Energy Chews Side Effects

Green Tea Extract has many health benefits, and has been proven in studies to assist in weight loss.  However, this also does contain a fair amount of caffeine, so those who experience adverse reactions to a relatively high amount of caffeine take precautions.

Taurine – Not enough is known about the safety of Taurine, particularly when breast feeding or pregnant.  WebMD suggests that women that are breast-feeding or pregnant should not consume products with Taurine.

Quercetin has been known in some individuals to cause headaches and some nausea.  However, the results are inconclusive, and the consumption of Quercetin is generally considered safe.

Do FRS Health Energy Chews work well enough to buy?

If you are looking for merely a healthy snack, FRS Health Energy Chews may be something to invest in.  However, the amount of Green Tea extract contained in the product is not listed, not allowing me to determine if this will aid in weight loss.  Although generally healthy, it is relatively expensive for chews with the $20 price tag for 30 chews being a bit exorbitant.  There are other weight-loss supplements that are more effective for a cheaper price.