garden greens acaislim


This supplement focuses on its antioxidant power as opposed to its effect on weight loss.  Though this is the main focus, it claims that through the use of Green Tea and Acai, that there will be increased weight loss as well.  Garden Greens AcaiSlim is all-natural, and focuses on cleansing the body so as to allow further weight loss.  This supplement contains:

  • Acai 500 mg
  • Green Tea 100 mg

Other than these main ingredients, the supplement contains tiny amounts of other popular weight loss supplements.  This supplement contains so little of these that I have chosen not to share them.  This product is very cheap, retail around $15, and can be found in many places.

Garden Greens™ AcaiSlim Side Effects

Green Tea is a common ingredient in most weight loss supplements.  It has a pretty high concentration of caffeine, so be sure to consult a physician if you have high blood pressure, or have other complications with caffeine.  Green Tea has been shown to aid in weight loss however, so be sure to make an educated decision about the consumption of products containing Green Tea.

Acai has no known side effects, or for that matter hasn’t been proved effective in assisting weight loss.  Some people have experienced nausea and headaches while taking Acai.

Does Garden Greens™ AcaiSlim Work Well Enough to Buy?

This product doesn’t contain enough proven ingredients to purchase.  Although this is cheap by industry standards, there have been no studies proving the effectiveness of Acai, and so one should be cautious when buying.  This is a very safe supplement, and very cheap.  There are definitely better supplements available, even if they do cost more.