genceutic naturals african mango plus green tea side effects

genceutic-naturals-african-mango-plus-green-tea-side-effectsTo lose weight quickly and easily you have probably turned to fad diets and ineffective diet pills.  That might have left you feeling jaded and discouraged that you will never find a decent product that isn’t just trying to rip you off.

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea claims to be an advanced diet pill that will help you break through your weight loss plateaus and finally achieve the results you want.  It has clinically proven ingredients and is said to boost metabolism, regulate appetite, lower cholesterol levels, and even support insulin sensitivity.

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea Ingredients

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea has two key ingredients including:

* Green Tea- Green tea is a very popular fat burner, maybe the most popular in the industry. Green tea can help burn fat, increase metabolism and help with a healthy lifestyle. It can improve cholesterol levels and help with weight loss. In order to see the benefits of green tea, the diet supplement must contain 400 mg. If the diet supplement does not have 400 mg, your results will likely suffer.

* Irvingia Gabonensis- This is the clinical name for African mango. It is stimulant free and can help with appetite suppression, fat burning, and various other weight loss benefits.  Irvingia gabonensis has been proven to help with weight loss as well as lowering cholesterol, help with insulin sensitivity, and other health benefits, but you must have enough of it in the diet pill to see results.

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea has two ingredients that do help with weight loss. But as with any diet pill you must have the proven amounts to help with weight loss.

It’s great to see that they use an ingredient like African mango that is proven to lead to a 28 pound weight loss in ten weeks. However, the amount used in the study was about three grams.  You would need to take a lot of Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea each day to get the same results since each capsule has just 350 mg.

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea Side Effects

Because they use decaffeinated green tea you will probably avoid most of the common side effects of diet pills.  That being said, some users report mild problems such as stomach discomfort and nausea.

Does Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea Work Well Enough to Buy?

The ingredients in Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea are proven to work.  Decaffeinated green tea does not work as well as regular green tea for weight loss but it prevents you from experiencing many side effects.

Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea is affordable at around $20-$25.  It does not appear to come with a money back guarantee which always raises some concerns.

Overall Genceutic Naturals African Mango + Green Tea seems to be a decent diet pill. The formula is pretty average.  They could have easily ratcheted up your results by including the right amounts of each ingredient.  As it stands you will probably sacrifice some results since too little of key ingredients are used.