green tea water weight loss pill


This is a weight loss supplement that is readily available including your local Walgreens.  A diuretic, this aims to flush out excess water weight while maintaining homeostasis in the body.  Other claims for this product include that one will feel and look better as a result of taking this all-natural supplement.  

This product can be found online for as low as $6.  This is very cheap for a product that supposedly works.  The ingredients that are contained in Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill are a little deceiving, because very little Green Tea Extract is actually contained in the pill.  Only 75mg of caffeine is contained in a serving – and not all of this from Green Tea Extract, it also contains some caffeine from Guarana.

Mega-T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill Side Effects

Green Tea Extract has been proven to assist in weight loss.  There are some negative side effects of Green Tea Extract however.  Pregnant women and others that are sensitive to caffeine should be leery to use this product.

Guarana is also in the Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill, and contributes to the 75mg of caffeine contained in each serving.  This naturally has the same side effects as previously mentioned with caffeine.

The side effects from the herbal blend mixed with the caffeine are intended to be a diuretic.  With this, one might notice more frequent urination.

Does Mega-T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill Work Well Enough to Buy?

Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to live up to its claims.  Make no mistake, it is very cheap – because it doesn’t work as effectively as some other products on the market.  The only ingredient proven to assist in weight loss is the caffeine blend, but that only contains 75mg, or less than a can of Red Bull.