gynexin side effects

gynexin-side-effectsIt’s not just us ladies who are sensitive about breast size.  There are lots of men who suffer from gynecomastia and would rather miss out on the best vacation of the year than take off their shirt in from of their friends at the pool party.

Gynecomastia is also known as man boobs.  And if you are like my brother you know just how embarrassing this condition can be.  So when he told me that he had found the solution to his problem without surgery I was intrigued and decided to do a little research of my own.  Gynexin was his non-surgical solution for reducing man boobs.  Does it work like they advertise?

Gynexin Ingredients

There are very few diet pills that are going to work as well as they advertise.  Gynexin is one of these.  They claim that it can target just your man boobs making the fat cells shrink rapidly.  The problem is that a diet pill cannot spot trim.  You cannot even workout to lose fat in just one area of your body.  Instead, whether you use a diet pill or exercise, you have to burn fat all over your body to shrink everywhere including your trouble spots.  You can spot tone to increase muscle size but that will not help you to lose your man boobs.

Gynexin uses ingredients that are fairly common among diet pills.  It has chromium, guggulsterones, theobromine cacao, green tea extract, caffeine, and sclareolides in a proprietary blend.  The blend is only 450 mg so you are not going to get the clinically proven amounts of even the proven ingredients.

There are not ingredients in Gynexin that set it apart as a man boobs diet pill.  None of the ingredients are going to work directly on your problem areas.  Instead, green tea and caffeine can help to raise your metabolism so you burn fat everywhere.

The only problem with this is Gynexin probably cannot help you to burn a lot of fat period.  They clearly do not have the right amounts of the needed ingredients to raise your metabolism significantly and help you to burn fat.

Gynexin Side Effects

There are stimulating ingredients in Gynexin so you can anticipate several side effects.  You may notice that you experience problems like headaches, nervousness, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and nausea.  Some people have more severe side effects like increased heart rate, heart palpitations, or increased blood pressure.

Does Gynexin Work Well Enough to Buy?

As much as my brother was excited about finding Gynexin he was disappointed when he realized that it was not going to work very well.  Gynexin is around $40 a month but it does not come with a money back guarantee.  While it is a lot less expensive than surgery (which can be around $5000) it is not worth spending your money on.  If Gynexin does anything it will encourage fat burning all over your body and not just in one area.  For that reason you may as well choose a top rated diet pill that is safe to use and lose weight everywhere.