By Jennifer Talmage
October 9, 2015

HCG Fusion HF-15

Starting a new diet program probably gives you hope that you will finally be able to lose weight and have this be the time your skinny jeans slip on effortlessly.  All too often, however, we end up disappointed because it takes longer than we had hoped or the scale just won’t budge.

For fast weight loss results many dieters turn to HCG diets. One of these is HCG Fusion HF-15. It is designed to be used for about 15 days. For the best results you are instructed to follow a 500 calorie diet.

HCG Fusion HF-15 Ingredients

HCG Fusion HF-15’s name is kind of confusing. HCG (human growth hormone), and other hormones, are not included in the formula.  Instead they use ingredients that are supposed to stimulate your body’s natural production of HCG.

Amino acids make up the first half of the formula.  These are included because they act as precursors to hormones your body needs.  The other ingredients like chaste tree berry, dong quai root, wild yam, and green tea may also stimulate metabolism and increase production of HCG.

Even if HCG Fusion HF-15 were to use the best ingredients it would need more than that for you to achieve complete results.

For HCG Fusion HF-15 to work you need the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient.  This formula comes in drop form.  Each drop is advertised to contain about 38 mg of the proprietary blend. With that small amount you should not expect a significant increase in HCG production.

To use HCG Fusion HF-15 you are supposed to place a few drops on your tongue and hold it there for a minute.  Many users report that this is rather unpleasant since the drops do not taste that great. They add in a tropical berry flavor but even that isn’t enough to cover up the bitter taste.

HCG Fusion HF-15 Side Effects

The actual formula is generally safe to use.  But the diet they prescribe with it raises some concerns.  You have to eat just 500 calories a day which is significantly lower than experts recommend.  That prevents you from getting all the nutrients you need. Many people also report feeling dizzy and lightheaded since they are getting too little food.

Does HCG Fusion HF-15 Work Well Enough To Buy?

You can buy HCG Fusion HF-15 for about $25.  This is about half as much as the other formulas from HCG Fusion.

When you buy a diet pill you expect that it will work. But sometimes even the best formulas are not able to produce the results you want.  In that case it is crucial that you find a diet pill with a guarantee.

HCG Fusion claims that your satisfaction is guaranteed. That statement doesn’t hold much weight though because they will not return your money if it does not work for you.

HCG diets are not the safest way to lose weight. The diet is unsafe to follow and can leave you feeling weak.  For a diet pill that works fast and is safe to use, take a look at some of our top picks below.

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