hcg fusion hf 30 side effects

hcg-fusion-hf-30-side-effectsWeight loss is no easy task. Sure, we see celebrities who lose 70 pounds in 3 months or Biggest Loser contestants who lose half their body weight over the course of a season. But in real life, weight loss is tough. We can’t devote every second to exercising and eating right so we need fast fixes.

HCG Fusion HF-30 is designed to be used for about a month.  In that time they claim you will lose significant amounts of weight. Some HCG dieters lose up to a pound a day!

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone released during pregnancy. It mobilizes fat and ensures the baby has everything he needs to grow properly.  When following the HCG diet you put your body in a starvation state so you can use stored fat and lose weight.

HCG Fusion HF-30 Ingredients

HCG is highly regulated so few products actually include it in the formula.  HCG Fusion HF-30 is no different.  They use ingredients that are designed to stimulate the natural production of HCG.

L arginine, acetyl l carnitine, l ornathine, l lysine, chaste tree berry, dong quai root, wild yam root, green tea leaf extract, yerba mate extract, and black cohosh root are included in HCG Fusion HF-30. The amino acids are popular ingredients in products such as this and the other ingredients may also provide some benefit.

These ingredients are suspended in water. You do not actually get a lot of any of the ingredients. Each servings has (about) 28.7 mg of this proprietary blend.  This is barely enough to make a difference.

The main reason you will lose weight with HCG Fusion HF-30 is because you eat just 500 calories a day. This is nowhere near what you would need to keep energy levels up and get all the proper nutrients.

Many times when you eat so little you lose water weight and muscle instead of fat. HCG Fusion HF-30 claims this will not happen because they mobilize fat stores. They also say you will not be hungry and you will still have plenty of energy. Unfortunately, research does not back up these claims.

HCG Fusion HF-30 Side Effects

Side effects of diet pills generally occur because of stimulating ingredients. HCG Fusion HF-30 does not cause many side effects in that sense.  However, it does have the potential to cause side effects if you follow the prescribed diet.

Eating so little will likely leave you tired, fatigued, and sluggish. You may become lightheaded or have other, similar problems.

Does HCG Fusion HF-30 Work Well Enough To Buy?

For a month supply you can expect to pay about $40.  You are not supposed to use HCG Fusion HF-30 every month so that could save you some money. Unfortunately, they do not offer a guarantee if you have opened the product.

HCG diets seem appealing but they rarely produce lasting results. Most reviews indicate significant results but you rarely can find a review from someone who saw long term results. HCG Fusion HF-30 may work for some people but I’m not willing to feel hungry and lightheaded all the time!

An alternative to HCG Fusion HF-30 would be one of the top diet pills listed below. These use clinically proven ingredients, come with a guarantee, and actually keep you full!