hcg platinum x 14 side effects

hcg-platinum-x-14-side-effectsMost people hate cutting out their favorite foods when they are dieting.  They want to feel satisfied but don’t think that is possible when restricting caloric intake.

HCG Platinum X-14 is yet another diet pill that claims to raise levels of human chorionic gonadotropin. They say it works naturally and is a safe option for anyone wanting to lose weight while still feeling full.

When you use HCG Platinum X-14 you are instructed to follow a 500 calorie a day diet.  This is supposed to consist of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

You are probably wondering how you could possibly feel satisfied after eating only 500 calories a day.  According to HCG Platinum X-14 this should not even be an issue.  Apparently, the ingredients can be used to release stored body fat so your body is still getting all the energy you need. Can this really work?

HCG Platinum X-14 Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in HCG Platinum X-14 include chaste tree berry, dong quai, l-carnitine, black cohaosh, wild yam, l-arginine, and l-ornithine. HCG Platinum X-14 advertises that it does not include any hormones.

HCG is a hormone that is produced in greater amounts during pregnancy.  It mobilizes fat stores so the baby is given proper nutrition and energy as he grows.  The idea behind HCG Platinum X-14 is that the formula can mobilize fat stores just as well as HCG so even though you are pretty much starving yourself you will still lose weight.

They assured me that these ingredients work just like HCG but research on HCG products shows that they are rarely effective in long term weight loss.

HCG Platinum X-14 comes in a 14 day supply.  It’s $39.99 which is quite a bit.  But the thing I like about this is that you can order a smaller bottle and decide if you like it before committing to the whole program.

HCG Platinum X-14 Side Effects

The biggest problem I see with HCG Platinum X-14 is the 500 calorie a day diet.  The formula for HCG Platinum X-14 doesn’t seem powerful enough to release fat from your body so you will probably be losing muscle more than fat.

Because HCG Platinum X-14 requires that you follow the strict diet it is very likely that you will feel dizzy and get lots of headaches.

Does HCG Platinum X-14 Work Well Enough to Buy?

The official website for HCG Platinum X-14 has a live chat you can use.  The person I spoke with was very helpful for the first part of the conversation.  However, a little while later “Administrator” left the conversation so I couldn’t get all my questions answered.

“Administrator” claims that a guarantee is offered but I could not find mention of one anywhere on the site so take that for what it’s worth.

Research is now showing that HCG diets are unsafe and should not be followed as a healthy way to lose weight.  HCG Platinum X-14 is not a very impressive product especially since it doesn’t even include HCG in the formula!  I would look into a top diet pill that is clinically proven to be both safe and effective.