The first thing I noticed while attempting to review this product was the website.  Those that research this product via the company website are bombarded with men flexing, and working out, helping the reader to infer that they too will look like the models after taking this supplement.  

I have mentioned this on a couple of other posts, but I find this marketing deceptive.  Furthermore, the website doesn’t contain the amounts of any of the ingredients nor does it fully explain the science behind each part of the proprietary blend does.  

Those attempting to read the label and the product website are given too much flash and too little science.  This product doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.

HemaNOvol Side Effects

Unfortunately, there weren’t any side effects posted online.  This usually is due to the newness of the product, rather than it being safe.  

Pay attention to the website for further information in the future, as more use this supplement and comment on the side effects.

Does HemaNOvol work well enough to buy?

There are a few chemically proven in the supplement, however, there are always question marks behind new products.  Unfortunately in products that aren’t approved by the FDA, there really isn’t adequate research done to prove the efficacy of the product.  

Only through trial and error (and some of these errors can be potentially harmful) will full product knowledge be achieved.  This product is rather expensive, and available only at GNC.  Though many GNC products are effective, due to the insufficient data available on the product and insufficient information on the product label, I won’t recommend or discourage the purchasing of this product.  Pay attention for future updates.