indigo 3g side effects

indigo-3g-side-effectsAre you looking for a fat burner and carbohydrate blocker that works without side-effects? If you are tired of feeling jittery and on-edge from taking diet pills, Indigo-3G may be the product for you.

We’ve put our bodies through so much in recent years, there has got to be a better carb blocker that will do the job once and for all.

Indigo-3G is a recent product to hit the diet pill market. According to the Indigo-3G official website, “this product works by repartitioning, or redirecting, nutrients from your diet to muscle cells and away from fat cells.” Obliterating fat cells sure sounds like a successful approach to weight loss. Is Indigo-3G possibly the best fat burner ever? Let’s take a look at the ingredients for a better picture of what is happening here.

Indigo-3G Ingredients

Indigo-3G relies heavily on Anthocyanin, the main component in the pigment of the common blueberry. There are many claims that Anthocyanin will improve insulin levels in the body so that you avoid carbohydrate cravings and suppress your appetite.

Anthocyanin can also reduce cholesterol levels and provides powerful antioxidants, which can help to fight cancer.

Indigo-3G uses a 125 mg blend of Anthocyanin and filler components. The label does not reveal how much Anthocyanin you get in Indigo-3G’s formula, however, and there is no information about exactly which filler ingredients are used in the formula.

Indigo-3G Side Effects

The good news with Indigo-3G is that there are no reported side effects from using this diet pill.

The bad news is that we do not have access to all of the ingredients in the Indigo-3G formula, meaning that there is no way to tell what kind of a reaction some people could have after taking this product.

Unfortunately, fillers are rarely good for your body and might even be harmful. Before you decide to use Indigo-3G, talk with your doctor.

Indigo-3G – Final Thoughts

From what we can see, this product will probably not cause any harmful side effects, but we can’t be sure because we don’t know what fillers are used in Indigo-3G. It would be great to see the complete product label for Indigo-3G so we know exactly what is being put into our bodies.

Of course, we would love to eat all the carbs we want and see them turn into muscle when we look in the mirror, defying all odds. But, we do not want to spend $400 to find out whether it is true or not until we are guaranteed results and have more complete information on the ingredients. For the asking price, we should have all the information available about the product. Because so much information is kept from consumers, we do not recommend using Indigo-3G.

Indigo-3G Consumer Reviews

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