innervital acai diet burn side effects

innervital-acai-diet-burn-side-effectsInnervital Acai diet burn claims that you will lose up to 450% more weight when using this diet pill compared to other weight loss supplements on the market. You should not only lose weight, but your energy levels will increase, lose water weight and harmful toxins that your body is storing. Innervital Acai Diet Burn claims as you use their product you will get your body back on track to achieve your healthier and better looking body that you want!

In the last couple of years the Acai berry has received a lot of media hype and attention claiming to be the best thing to hit the weight loss market in years. There is no doubt that the Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant and can be helpful to your health. It also may help remove harmful toxins from your body, help with water retention and increase your energy levels but it’s debatable if it can help with weight loss. Let’s take a closer look at Innervital Acai Diet Burn and see if it is worth your time and money and if it really will help you lose weight.


Innervital Acai Diet Burn contains the following key ingredients, which include:

  • Acai- this little purple berry contains powerful antioxidants that may help with increased energy levels, rid body of harmful toxins, cleanses your digestive tract and improves your skin. It’s still debatable if Acai helps with weight loss.
  • Green Tea- also contains powerful antioxidant properties, increases energy and raises metabolism.
  • Caffeine- boosts metabolism and increases energy levels.
  • Garcinia Cambogia- appetite suppressant
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- may help reduce water retention and decrease appetite.
  • Kelp- may help with metabolism. Studies are still pending.
  • Grapefruit- may help with feeling full and curb appetite.

There is no doubt that Innervital Acai Diet Burn contains ingredients that may help you lose weight, but after further review, Innervital Acai Diet Burn doesn’t contain the proven amounts of the ingredients needed to make it an effective weight loss supplement. There is not enough of anything in this diet pill to help you lose weight.

Side Effects

You will experience side effects with Innervital Acai Diet Burn which may include; headaches, anxiety, jitters, nausea, abdominal pain, uneasiness and insomnia. It’s important to stay hydrated when using this product and if you feel your side effects are serious, please call your health practitioner.

Is Innervital Acai Diet Burn Work Well Enough to Buy?

Innervital Acai Diet Burn can be purchased for $22.98 plus shipping. This is very reasonable, but probably not worth buying. The return policy with Innervital Acai Diet Burn is not great. If you open the product you cannot return it. You can only return products that are not opened.

The Acai berry definitely can provide some health benefits, but that depends on the quality and how much of it is in the supplement. Innervital Acai Diet Burn does not contain enough of anything to make a difference in your weight loss journey. As with any product from Innervital, if you try it you better like it because they only guarantee unopened products. It may be worth looking at other diet pills before you commit to buying Innervital Acai Diet Burn.