innervital cla side effects

innervital-cla-side-effectsIt seems like every day more and more diet pills are popping onto the diet pill market, so it’s important to research and study diet pills to make sure that you get the most effective and safe diet pill for you. Many diet pills contain ingredients that cause side effects. These side effects may be unpleasant and make you sick and tired. When I see a diet pill that doesn’t cause side effects, I get excited and want to learn everything about it!

Innervital CLA is a diet pill that is designed to be gentle on your body, but also work to help you slim down. Innervital CLA also claims that it will tone your muscles and reduce the incidence of breast cancer. It also claims to improve asthma, allergies, blood sugar levels and diabetes. This really sounds promising, so let’s take a closer look and see if Innervital CLA is worth your time and money.


Innervital CLA contains one ingredient; CLA. If you are like me, you are probably wondering what CLA is, and can a fat burner be effective when it only contains one ingredient?

CLA is the abbreviation of conjugated linoleic acids. CLA is found naturally in meat and dairy products. You can only find CLA in organic dairy and meat products, so most people do not get enough of this ingredient in their diet. The ingredient CLA is best known for its anti-cancer properties and it has also been shown to help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and help fight inflammation. The FDA has recognized CLA to be safe ingredient.

CLA has shown promise to help with weight management and help with muscle tone. CLA has been proven to prevent lipase enzymes from storing fat in fat cells. It has also shown some promise in helping with muscle tone and muscle firmness.

Side Effects

Innervital CLA should not contain any side effects, but it’s important to understand that studies are still being done on CLA to prove its effectiveness. There is some concern that that CLA supplements used by overweight people may tend to cause or aggravate insulin resistance, which may cause diabetes, but these studies are still pending. It’s important to talk to your physician before you start any fat burner supplement.

Does Innervital CLA Work Well Enough to Buy?

Innervital CLA is available for $23.95 for a 30 day supply. If you buy more than a 30 day supply you will receive additional discounts. The return policy with Innervital CLA is not great. If you open the product you cannot return it. You can only return products that are not opened.

Innervital CLA definitely offers something that most diet pills don’t, the ingredient CLA. If you are deficient in CLA, Innervital CLA may be a good supplement in your diet. It’s hard to know if you are deficient in CLA, but if you have dieted and exercised and have not lost the weight you wanted, maybe a product like Innervital CLA will help you.