intivar side effects

intivar-side-effectsYou have used a diet pill and have worked hard to get the body you want.  So you want to enjoy it and show it off to your partner.  But intimacy is painful and you have no desire for it.  To bring back the pleasure of sex you may need to turn to a cream such as Intivar.

This is a natural and safe product to use.  It can be used for vaginal tightening and increasing lubrication.  For women who are going through menopause they may notice that they are drier and it can be extremely uncomfortable.  Intivar is supposed to work to correct this.  They also claim that if you have just had a baby using Intivar can help you to get back to that pre-baby vagina giving you a tighter feel.  The natural ingredients in Intivar may give you some results but can it really do everything they claim?

Intivar Ingredients

If you are uncomfortable with the look and feel of your vagina it can be difficult to want to share that with your partner no matter how close you are.  And when sex is painful it can really put a strain on your relationship.  Intivar uses these natural ingredients to help you get back to the point where you can enjoy sex.

Intivar uses mirofirm, quercus infectoria, witch hazel, panax ginseng, aloe vera, and vitamin E.  This combination of ingredients can definitely introduce moisture into your vagina but it may not be ideal for everyone.

Mirofirm is included to tighten the vagina.  Intivar claims that within just a few minutes of applying the gel you will feel a cool, tingly, tightening sensation and then you know that it is going to give you some results.  Mirofirm can also help to ease vaginal dryness making sex more comfortable.

Quercus infectoria and witch hazel act as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.  They can also tighten the vagina and increase blood flow.  With greater blood flow to your vagina you will be able to enjoy sex more.  Panax ginseng further enhances female arousal.

Aloe vera and vitamin E are what these other ingredients are carried in.  But they can also give you some benefits as well.  They can increase moisture in your vagina.

Intivar Side Effects

The ingredients in Intivar are completely natural and safe to use.  If you are sensitive to any of these ingredients you probably want to avoid using Intivar especially in such a sensitive region.

Does Intivar Work Well Enough to Buy?

Even if Intivar does not work for you it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can return the $42 bottle.  Intivar may help to increase moisture in your vagina thus making sex more enjoyable but it might not be able to tighten your vagina as well as they advertise.  Your vagina should be able to return to its natural shape but when that elasticity decreases you may need the help of a proven product.  Despite some of the benefits Intivar offers for increased moisturization it may not be able to do everything you want.