irvingiapress side effects

irvingiapress-side-effectsIrvingiapress is the latest diet pill to hit the market. Irvingiapress is unique in that it relies on word-of-mouth for its marketing efforts (very rare in this industry). The fact that it has garnered such popularity is a testament to its effectiveness. Irvingiapress contains the latest new superstar ingredient, Irvingia Gabonesis. Unlike past fad ingredients such as acai berries and hoodia gordonii, irvingia gabonesis is backed by several credible clinical trials. Can Irvingiapress help you shed pounds as it claims?

Let’s take a closer look at Irvingiapress.

Irvingiapress Ingredients

Like its name implies, the main ingredient in Irvingiapress is Irvingia Gabonensis. Irvinigia Gabonensis comes from a mango-like fruit in Africa. The seeds are extremely high in fiber and studies show they help lower cholesterol as well as eliminate fat cells WHEN taken at the proper dosages. It also purportedly can help diabetes (although we would like to see more studies showing Irvingia Gabonesis’ ability to lower the body’s glucose plasma). Unlike many diet pills on the market, Irvingiapress didn’t skimp on the dosage. Irvingiapress contains the dosage (1000 milligrams) recommended by the clinical studies.

The other ingredient in Irvingiapress is green tea. Green tea is one of those must-have diet pill ingredient. Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that besides providing many health benefits can boost the metabolism, burn fat, and provide energy.  Like irvingia gabonensis, there is ample green tea in the formula (500 milligrams).

Irvingiapress Side Effects

Irvingiapress is comprised of all-natural ingredients. There is some caffeine in the green tea but not enough to give you the jitters. All studies on irvingia gabonensis have showed no link to any side effects so Irvingiapress checks out.

Does IrvingiaPress Work Well Enough to Buy?

Since Irvingiapress has just been released to the public there are few customer reviews but considering its impressive ingredient profile, Irvingiapress seems like the real deal. Rather than relying on unproven ingredients or skimming dosages, IrvingiaPress contains clinically proven ingredients at their proper dosages. Containing all-natural ingredients and stimulant-free, there is no real threat of side effects.  The only potential negative to IrvingiaPress is that it can only be found online and there is no auto ship option available.

One bottle of Irvingiapress can be purchased for $59.99. Considering the high dosages of effective ingredients, this price is about what we expect.  The truth is if you want a diet pill to make a substantial difference, you are going to have spend a few bills.

One of the best features of Irvingiapress is their money back guarantee. Most companies either don’t have a money back guarantee or have one but it contains so many loopholes and fine print that getting your money back is less of a guarantee and more of a guessing and hoping game. Irvingiapress’s guarantee is very old school, you don’t like their product, just return it and get your money back.

If you have taken IrvingiaPress in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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